View Full Version : Cowboys LB Ellis worried Achilles' injury may be career-ending

08-12-2007, 03:07 PM
IRVING, Texas (AP) -Cowboys linebacker Greg Ellis is no longer worried about losing his job to a rookie or about wanting a new contract. His new concern is whether he may be forced to retire because of an injury.

Ellis tore his left Achilles' tendon last November and went through an aggressive rehabilitation to trim a few months off the usual 12-month recovery so he could be back for the start of training camp. Thinking he was ready, he went out for the first workout, but lasted only a few minutes.

The pain forced him to stop. Nearly three weeks later, a spot above his heel and below the surgically repaired tear is still hurting him badly.

"It's a pain you can't deal with," he said. "It never goes away - even when I wake up in the morning, walking around, the whole deal."

An MRI shows no problems, so the team's medical staff isn't too alarmed by this first setback in what had been a flawless recovery. They remain confident Ellis will return. Ellis wishes he could share their optimism.

"It's just frustrating," he said. "What the heck is going on? Why won't it go away? I just keep saying maybe there's something to the time period."