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08-11-2007, 10:30 AM
Baby grew up

Rookie guard Kasey Studdard has known Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak since Studdard was a baby.
Kubiak and Kasey's dad, Dave Studdard, played together in Denver. Though he'll get no breaks from Kubiak, the coach does have fond memories of the now 300-pound former Longhorns standout as a child.

"To think that literally the kid used to run around my house when I was a player, and my wife baby-sat him many times," Kubiak said. "All of the sudden, the kid grows up, wins a national championship, and now he's here fighting for a job in this league. A lot of special things have happened for that young man, and hopefully he can keep going.

that is it of the article about Kasey unless you want to read about Lidge