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08-02-2007, 08:31 AM
from their website (I am not sure how many people post there AND here)

Well after thinking the open practice would be closed due to weather, I did manage to get to the practice an hour late, the team was in the middle of 7 on 7.

A few highlights I can remember. Andre Davis had a long over the shoulder catch against tight coverage, I forget who was covering him. The pass was from Sage and was perfect throw.

Mathis had a catch on a bomb. Jones plays faster then his timed 4.6.

Later Fred Bennett had a knock down on a deep post pattern, a great play by the rookie. To add to that play Bennett later pick off a pass. For a 4th round pick, the kid can cover. And he has size the other DBs don't. Very impressive.

this is the first post from 7/28 with more talk afterwards on the thread

08-03-2007, 08:04 AM
Awesome find, thanks for posting it

08-03-2007, 09:08 AM
I was at last nights practice and that report's pretty much spot on. Here's a few things I'll mention.

QB's: They all started out a little shaky, with Sage doing the better of the bunch. Van Pelt WILL NOT be on the team. IMO, he's horrible. Z looked decent. Schaub seemed a little nervous to me at the beginning. It was nice to see him come around though towards the end. He and the ones drove down the field in the 2 min drill. Schaub hit OD across the middle for a TD with a perfectly placed ball. Sweet pass!

RB's: Green looks very quick. The stand out of this bunch is Gado. He had a couple one cut runs that were impressive. He looked good in last Saturday's practice as well. He appears to have gotten a bit quicker by losing some weight.

WR's: Jacoby looks like night and day compared to last Saturday. He has vastly improved his game. Mathis looked good, but my figers will remain crossed. Bethel looked good too. Dre is, well he's Dre and he's nothing less than a freak of nature. He is our franchise player.

They weren't in full pads so it's kind of hard to grade the LOS.

J.J. and Mathis stood out in the KO return game. Very fast! I don't care what J.J.'s 40 time is, the guy is fast on the field period.

Honestly, I wouldn't want to be in the coaches shoes determining roster spots.:texflag: