View Full Version : Chicago Bears hyped as the next top 5 offense?

08-01-2007, 01:01 PM

Pretty interesting read. Mathis could have been our version of Devin Hester...if only he didn't injure himself on every play. Olsen sounds great. Too bad they still have Rex Grossman as QB.

This summer, however, the Monsters of the Midway have electrified fans with their offense. And it's more than just a revitalized Cedric Benson splitting the middle of the Bears' defense with a fast run up the gut. Devin Hester, the pinball whiz on returns and converted defensive back, is wowing Bears fans and burning defenders with his pass-catching skills at wideout. Rookie tight end Greg Olsen is stretching the field and catching everything within grasp. Tiny halfback Garrett Wolfe (5-foot-7, 177 pounds) looks like he's on fast-forward on sweeps and short passes in the flat.

So far, Chicago's offense has been the best thrill ride in the summer tour of training camps.

. . .

The story of camp is Hester. Bears beat writer John Mullin officially named the 2007 camp, "The Devin Hester Experience." Watching him run routes is like listening to old Jimi Hendrix records -- explosive, exciting and unpredictable. Any fan would love to hang from the "Watchtower" to see the show.

In 2006, Hester was the underground candidate for offensive rookie of the year by returning six kicks for touchdowns, including a kickoff for a score on the opening play of the Super Bowl. Turner and the team's other offensive coaches had been plotting to bring Hester's play-making skills to the offense. Their thought was Hester would be a natural for catching balls out of the backfield or as a receiver. In the spring, Hester caught just about every pass thrown his way. Now, the experiment is over. Hester is a receiver.