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11-04-2004, 08:25 AM
I rewatched the preseason game with Denver and I know it may not be much but we did pretty well with our starters in. Our first two drives we scored touchdowns. The thing was our running game was on. Now as we know our running game hasn't been as good as we'd like it but If we can get it going we will have a better chance of winning. Also In that game Denver's starting defense was in the game for our 2 touchdowns so its not like we did it on scrubs... If you guys picked up anything else from the game please share.

11-04-2004, 08:27 AM
Not sure about picking anything up (as I don't have it taped) but I know the Bronc fans on the other boards remember this one as well and the TEXANS are being recognized by other fans what we have building.....

... maybe eventually more of the talking heads will recognize as well.

El Tejano
11-04-2004, 09:18 AM
Well if you look at how bad our starting defense got burned in preseason and look at us now, it might indicate that teams improve over the course of the season. I just hope we can take advantage of the holes they have on defense. We need to get up on this team in a hurry.

11-04-2004, 09:44 AM
i think we'll come out swinging, cause lately i've noticed that we have been a lot less conservative on offense and defense, i think the coaches finally have enough confidence in our team to let them do their thing ! And i like the play selection they've been using ! The run game might not be to good but they pound the ball anyways just to keep the opposing defense honest.....We need to enter the game swinging and not trying to keep it close where we win in the fourth quarter !

11-04-2004, 10:38 AM
I also missed the preseason game against denver. My only concern is still denver's defense. I'm sure they are NOT going to risk plummers interceptions again especially against houston, so they are going to run the ball because they think our defense is weak. I hope we can stop them. I also heard there is still a chance LYNCH is deciding to play sunday. Anyone heard this humor.?? That also will make a difference . All and all i have faith in my boys they can pull this off. I just don't want denver to get too desperate and take any of our guys out for the season. We know they are good for doing that.

11-04-2004, 10:42 AM
i wonder how many ambulances the nfl reqires the broncos to keep at games

11-04-2004, 10:50 AM
lol: :rofl: LMAOOO....that was a good one...

11-04-2004, 10:56 AM
One ambulance per player. :boxing: