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07-10-2007, 12:05 AM
“It’s How You Play the Game: Professional Sports in Houston”

Remember the Astrodome!


“It’s How You Play the Game: Professional Sports in Houston” chronicles Houston’s sometimes brilliant, sometimes remarkably bad sports teams. You’ll see baseball, basketball, hockey, football and soccer memorabilia and learn about each team’s history in Houston. For example, soccer is traced from the first Dynamo team to the current Dynamo team. That’s right, in the 1960s, professional soccer enjoyed a short run of popularity in the United States, and Houston had its first wave of Dynamos. Back then, they wore red, white and blue, unlike our current team, who sport bright orange (come on, do you want them to look like a flag or a piece of fruit?). The exhibit also recounts the story of the Colt 45’s, who later became known as the Astros and played in the world’s first air-conditioned dome arena, the Astrodome. Remember that?

Date/Time: Daily from Fri., June 8 until Sun., September 23
Price: Free

Source (Houston Press) (http://search.houstonpress.com/search/events.php?eventSearch=1&locationSearch=1&exactPhrase=1&searchType=events&keywords=It%27s+how+you+play+the+game&x=46&y=7)

The Heritage Society’s exhibit, It’s How You Play the Game: Professional Sports in Houston, chronicles the highs and lows Houstonians have experienced over the years as they supported their home teams. This city has been a part of many firsts in sports history, from the building of the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” the Astrodome, to the first champion women’s professional basketball team. Legends like Nolan Ryan, Hakeem Olajuwon, Earl Campbell, and Sheryl Swoopes have all called Houston home. The exhibition will feature the history of, and memorabilia from Houston’s professional sports teams, new and old. It will be on display in the Museum Gallery through September 23, 2007. Fair weather fans and face painters alike are sure to enjoy this exhibition, so come out and support your team this summer.

The Heritage Society (http://www.heritagesociety.org/exhibits.html)

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