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06-23-2007, 01:06 PM

Not sure aboute
Matt Schaub, QB, Houston

Yeah, I liked him in Atlanta, too, but he started only twice, for crying out loud. So now we're to believe he's better for this club than the first pick of the 2002 draft? Maybe, but I want to see the Texans' offensive line first. They're the guys who turned David Carr into a piņata, and there's no guarantee the same thing doesn't happen to Schaub.

Doesn't like
Ahman Green, RB, Houston

Another strange move by a club I just don't understand. Green hasn't been a productive back for a couple of years, and he's 30. He's also breaking down. He missed two games in 2006. He missed 11 in 2005. He produced five 100-yard games in his last 25 starts, averaging 3.8 yards a carry, but look more closely -- he averaged 3.2 over his last four starts last season. Ahman Green is fading, yet he's supposed to be the back the Texans never had. Good luck.

06-23-2007, 01:27 PM
"Green hasn't been a productive back for a couple of years, and he's 30. He's also breaking down. He missed two games in 2006. He missed 11 in 2005."
I dunno, but I think I see a trend there. The older AG gets, the more durable he is. Dang, in the 2008 season when he's 31 he won't miss any games.
These guys are struggling to find subjects to write about in the offseason,
but its tuff for all of us until TC begins.

06-23-2007, 01:59 PM
Honorable mention:
(tie) David Carr, QB, Carolina

You may be looking at the future starter for the Carolina Panthers. Carr didn't work out in Houston because the Texans couldn't protect him. It's as simple as that. The guy was sacked 249 times in five seasons, which works out to an average of 50 times a year, and that's one way to kill a career. The question is: Can he recover and be a winning quarterback? We won't know until someone puts a legitimate line in front of him, and someone just did. If nothing else, I like the idea of acquiring the top pick in a draft without having to surrender a thing. If it's a gamble, it's not much of one. And if the Panthers find that Carr is what Houston once thought –- a franchise quarterback -– they committed grand larceny. All I know is that for the first time since Jake Delhomme joined Carolina, the Panthers have a legitimate second option at quarterback.

Not going to go there with this one. But seriously this is the same Jake Delhomee who has been nothing but SOLID since he joined the Panthers and barely lost a duel to the Pats in a superbowl for crying out loud. People want to hose the guy and he'll have a bounce back year this season. Barring Injury or garbage time i predict Carr won't see the field except with a clipboard in hand.

As for the Ahman Green tear this guy goes on wow does he forget to mention WHY he missed 11 games in 2005? But yeah how many yards did he rack up last year in the end? What would his brilliant idea been to help shore up the running game? I think it would've been along the lines of sign a solid veteran who can give you good experience, know the terminology the O-Coordinator uses, knows how a good offense works and uses cutback lanes well. Oh wait...we did.

I didn't care for the Dominic Rhodes Comments either. He's fulfilling the EXACT Same role in in Oakland he did in Indy. I think Oakland's line will be better this year too and if they're smart they won't throw a rookie in the fire from day one.They also drafted what could be a steal in Michael Bush.

Will agree with the Vikings comments. As for the Randy Moss Comments if Corey Dillion can work out in New England. Randy Moss can too.

I've never cared for CBS sports coverage.:pirate:

Second Honeymoon
06-23-2007, 02:58 PM
This guy is way off base on so many of his picks.

He comes across as another yankee homer who doesn't research anything that happens outside of the Eastern Time Zone. I thought we had our quota of those already?

He is still speaking of Carr using the overall first pick label. Doesn't this guy realize that was over 5 years ago. Doesn't this guy realize that Carr was chosen by Casserley...not exactly a badge of honor. That just makes me sad inside.

As for his take on Schaub and Green, I am fine with it, its just his ill informed opinion so he can have it. Green was probably the 2nd best RB available this offseason. I would take Green over Jamaal Lewis or Thomas Jones especially with Sherman coaching/coordinating. Schaub didn't come cheap but we didn't overpay either. Maybe this guy should give Schaub a snap before he criticizes him especially when he is still making apologies and excuses for Carr five years later. Does some elf come out in the middle of the night and copy and paste the 'lame OL excuse' into every article about the Texans? Maybe Carr sucked all along and the OL was a byproduct of this....oh wait, that would make the 'experts' look dumb...never mind.

i think its funny that i didn't think the guy was worth a krap 5 years ago yet some people still wont admit that maybe the 'experts' were wrong all along. his delivery, his midmajor college, and his lack of consistent production scared me away long ago. I tried to get on board once we drafted him, but it was always pure homering....and thinly veiled I might add.

06-23-2007, 03:04 PM
i agree with most, except the part of "his delivery" .. i say who cares, Vince has a horrible delivery too, but he still gets things done
and if you want to blame him, you better blame capers and palmer for that, they are the ones that changed him

Second Honeymoon
06-23-2007, 03:17 PM
i agree with most, except the part of "his delivery" .. i say who cares, Vince has a horrible delivery too, but he still gets things done
and if you want to blame him, you better blame capers and palmer for that, they are the ones that changed him

actually Capers and Casserley never really tried to change Carr's delivery and that still remains Carr's biggest problem to this day. Remember when David's dad's panties got in a wad because they were actually trying to fix DC's deficiencies? around that same time Daddy Carr was banned from practice but they never really tried to make a change after that. The sheeple kept giving Carr the built-in excuse of bad OL play and bad coaching. Well Palmer proved that theory wrong, didnt he?

Vince has a wierd delivery too but he throws at a different trajectory, higher release point when in pocket, has more touch than Carr has ever shown, and is well just Vince. Vince finds a way to get it done 9 times out of 10 but it aint always pretty....

carr's problem is that his pocket presence and ability to read the defenses made him prone in the pocket. his lack of mobility WITHIN the pocket gave him huge problems. when you couple that with his low release point (javelin style) and a short trajectory he got many balls batted down and held the ball too long looking for a passing lane. NFL QBs should not need passing lanes when in the pocket.

but whatever, DC is gone and we are all better for it. Let's give Schaub at least a year to blossom and grow before we start labeling him a bust or stud. This years goal is a 9-7 season. 2008's goal is a playoff berth. if we fail to reach those goals then we reevaluate our QB situation and look to the draft in the 2009 draft. I think that timetable is fair and more in line with what is the norm in the NFL. This 5 year trial period was a joke and it hurt our franchise immensely in so many ways.

*makes a toast* here is to turning things around in 2007 for the Texans!! :beerfunnel: :drunk:

06-23-2007, 04:26 PM
Why are we in the AFC? If we were in the NFC we wouldn't have to listen to:

1. CBS sports broadcasters

2. No playoffs ('04 7-9 was cutoff)

3. (theoretically) no winning record.