View Full Version : NFL players aren't always about bad news

06-04-2007, 01:15 PM
Michael Vick and allegations of dogfighting. Pacman Jones "making it rain" at a Vegas strip club. The Cincinnati Bengals, with a litany of arrests to make "The Sopranos" blush.
That's what too often passes for NFL news.
It's the responsibility of our business to report those things. And, face it, in our a rubbernecking society, the public is drawn to those stories.
We've got a saying: You don't write a story when a plane lands safely.
On Friday, something compelled me to tell you that, figuratively, a plane landed safely.
Though, considering the spiriting of cooperation between Auburn and Alabama folks, maybe it is stop-the-presses news.
Two NFL players were in Huntsville, doing good work.
Which is what most NFL players do.
DeMeco Ryans, the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year for the Houston Texans and former Alabama star, and Karlos Dansby, the Arizona Cardinals' linebacker from Auburn, were celebs at the annual Battle at the Cove.
The tournament, which benefits the Downtown Rescue Mission, sent golfing Auburn fans off on the River course, golfing Alabama fans on the Highlands for competition against each other.


Just thought it was nice to see Meco mentioned....