View Full Version : Fisher moving Griffen to CB

05-06-2007, 05:00 PM


I knew Griffin had the versatility to play both Safety spots, but I did not see this one coming.

If it works out, the Titans will pretty much have a much better version of what the Jaguars have in Brian Williams, i.e. a physical 2nd CB to compliment the playmaking #1 CB. (when Pacman returns).

I was very outspoken in my recommendation of Michael Griffin prior to the draft, stating he will be the best NFL player of the top 4 Safeties (Landry/ Griffin/ Nelson/ Meriweather) and I am sticking with that claim.

This just proves to all the people that questioned Griffin's "range" at FS - because there is NO WAY Fisher would be seriously contemplating this move if Griffin didn't have that.

There is simply not a hole in Griffin's game. Plus, he's an extremely intelligent player as well.

Griffin spent the first day of minicamp at his new position, CB, yesterday & Fisher reportedly liked what he saw. (not that he or any other HC, would ever state otherwise...but whatever)...

I'm happy with Reggie Nelson, as I have high hopes for him as well, but IMO, theres no question who I wanted the Jaguars to wind up with for our first round pick - it was Griffin.

He is going to be an outstanding football player.

well gotta replace Pacman

05-06-2007, 05:59 PM
He was a reach pick to begine with. Now he isn't even worth that.

05-06-2007, 06:00 PM
He's a heck of a player and I can see Fisher using him all over the field. I think he would probably be a cb similar in the mold of Dunta....but with a bit more size. I think he will only be a temp corner till pacman returns...or is replaced next year.