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04-30-2007, 12:55 PM

Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
1 10 Amobi Okoye DT Louisville
Vic Carucci's Analysis
Mario Williams should be especially pleased with this choice. Okoye will be enough of a disruptive force and get consistent enough penetration to help free up Williams to get the pressure he is able to generate. Okoye is only 19, but he has the physical maturity to have immediate success in the NFL.

Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
3 73 Jacoby Jones WR Lane
Gil Brandt's Analysis
He's a track person who converted to football. He's tall and he's got speed, and he has kick-return ability. High risk, high reward.

Rd Sel# Player Pos. School
123 Fred Bennett CB South Carolina
Gil Brandt's Analysis
A size-and-speed player (almost 6-1; 4.46). He had a couple of interceptions last year. He's a pretty good cover corner who's not strong against the run.

I am hoping we can FINALLY generate a pass rush without every time "sending the house" (full blitz) ..If we can do that and stop people on 3rd down (cover the dang TE this time), I will be estatic :redtowel: