View Full Version : Award Winning Spin Meisters

04-22-2007, 01:45 PM
The Texans have always had excellent PR. They can keep some stuff out of the media and spin other things to the team's advantage. It is nice to see them recognized for this.

Congratulations to the Texans' media relations department that was voted best in the NFL by the Professional Football Writers of America. It was the second time in five seasons the Texans have won the Pete Rozelle Award.

Kudos to vice president of communications Tony Wyllie, director of media relations Kevin Cooper, media relations coordinator Zac Emmons, media relations assistant Tiffani Walker and former intern Matt Pomeroy, who now works for the NFL Network.

This is the fourth time, an NFL record, that Wyllie has been on a staff that has won the Rozelle Award. He was an assistant with the Rams, director with the Titans and VP with the Texans when his staffs have been recognized as being the best.

No team wins the Rozelle Award without having a media-friendly owner, general manager and head coach, so Bob McNair, Rick Smith and Gary Kubiak should take a bow, too.