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Double Barrel
04-21-2007, 02:14 PM
McNair playing key role

The Houston Texans' lack of on-field success since joining the league in 2002 hasn't prevented Bob McNair from becoming a powerful owner. He was one of the key figures in the 2006 negotiations that produced the revamped collective bargaining agreement and has influenced the league's enhanced revenue sharing plan.

"The model we're operating under is unsustainable ... and it's going to collapse," Buffalo owner Ralph Wilson lamented after the Bills swallowed hard last month and voted for the plan, which runs through 2009, the year before Dallas and New York open large, new stadiums.

McNair, who noted "it takes less money to operate in the smaller markets," doesn't see such a dire turn of events unfolding. Nor does he feel bad for his small-market rivals, hinting they should move if they can't thrive under the NFL's business model, the closest thing in this country to socialism.

"You have to let the marketplace work," McNair told the Houston Chronicle. "Will there be markets that can't support a team over time? Yes, we'll probably see that. I think all of us want to minimize it and would prefer that that not occur, but markets will change. Cities will lose population, other cities will gain, and so you will have adjustments."

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