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03-25-2007, 07:21 PM

A pretty good read. Some selected highlights

As Favre's season deteriorated, leaving him to hold the clipboard and run the scout team, Herock came under increasing pressure to make good on the pick he made. Herock had overruled Glanville in the draft room to take Favre over Browning Nagle, and now it was clear Glanville and his offensive coordinator, June Jones, wanted nothing to do with Favre.

Wolf said he intended all along to give up the second of two first-round draft choices the Packers had in 1992. He never let Herock know that, however, and continually told him he would not give up anything more than a second-round pick.

"I was going to give them a first," Wolf said. "Obviously, I didn't start at a first, but I was going to give them a first. I had made my mind up and it had already been approved so we were going to go with that regardless."

"Maybe I lost sight of the thing," Herock said. "Everyone was telling me how bad he was. That's all I kept hearing. And there was a possibility we could recover a first for a guy we drafted with a second. There was nothing there that said, 'Ken, you're right and they're wrong.' Everything was working against me."

and for the rainbow chasers

"When I got there, this was the worst team in professional football," Wolf said. "When I left it had the second-best won-lost record in the NFL, and two years later it had the best won-lost record in the NFL and still does since 1992 when Brett Favre took over.

03-25-2007, 10:12 PM
The trio of of Wolf, Favre and Holmgreen was the trifecta there. As i've grown more into the game and tried my best to expand my knowledge i'm seeing how important it is to have savy, capable GM. I'm starting to think we have a real good one in Rick.

Seeing the past few years Shannahan has made in denver leaves me assured that we've got a guy that was understudy for one of the smarter GM's in the NFL. I'm hoping this Schaub deal works out well and from what i've read and heard we have a good QB.

Here's to hoping we have that Trifecta here.