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03-25-2007, 02:34 PM
dedrick harrington LB
6'3 250lbs
4.7 40yd
26 reps
9'11 broad jump
35 inch vertical

brad ekwerekwu WR
6'4 210lbs
4.47 40yd
17 reps
10'6 broad jump
37 inch vertical

mike walker WR
6'2 210lbs
4.35 40yd
18 reps
10'1 broad jump
37 inch vertical

laurent robinson WR
6'2 200lbs
4.38 40yd
19 reps
10'7 broad jump
39 inch vertical

brandon myles WR
6'1 190lbs
4.42 40yd
10'11 broad jump
36 inch vertical

i'm very high on laurent robinson. he has all the tools and measurables and impressed at the combine with the positional drills. mike walker would also be a good pick. he doesnt play as fast as he times, but he has good hands and knows how to get open. both ekwerekwu and myles are late rounders in the 6th or 7th. ekwerekwu reminds me of colston with his size and speed. he also has good hands. if we can get our hands on one of these guys, id be very happy.

03-25-2007, 03:32 PM
Maybe but I dont like the fumble issue and durability concerns.

I'd go with someone like this
David Clowney;6'0 185 4.40 40 Va. Tech.
Good change of Dir. has good hands and can acclerate after the catch. Can make big plays out of little ones.
gets pushed off routes buy physcal CB's and has a problem coming back and fighting through CB on under thrown balls.