View Full Version : kaliee wong?

03-24-2007, 04:54 PM
with the signing of shawn barber and danny clark what kind of need is there on this team for wong?...does anyone truely believe he'll be on the opening day roster or is he just going to but cut after June 1st?

we have some good LB depth right now...i think we'll probably add a LB either in the late rounds of the draft or in UDFA's

also when you consider that wong's 2007 cap number is 3,590,000 how can we afford to keep him...i thought he was one of the guys rick smith mentioned would be cut unless he was willing to redo his contract?...not sure what kind of a cap hit we would take if he was released

if he does restructure his contract is he still productive enough in ya'lls minds to make the team?

03-24-2007, 05:01 PM
He's a player that I'm confused about at this point as well. He received a big extension a few seasons ago and then of course came the injury. We haven't seen him at 100% so I'm not sure what the new FO thinks about him. You'd have thought if they were going to cut him they would've done so with Payne, Wiegert, and Moulds.

Another player I'm curious about is Jameel Cook. We gave him a decent contract for a fullback, and now we're paying Vonta Leach starter type money. Leach obviously outshined Cook IMO, are we going to keep both of those guys on the roster?

03-24-2007, 05:07 PM
i don't see how we can keep cook with leach's salary...as for wong i think he might be the one that is willing to restructure...he's always came off to me as a team first guy...he's a smart guy and knows his business sense will carry him past his nfl career so right now he might be willing to restructure just to be able to continue his career

not sure how his knee is doing since the injury...he definetly did not look 100% last year...i think had he been fully healthy last year he would have beat out shantee orr for the strongside position...i would have to release him if he doesn't redo the contract...just can't keep that much money in the LB's...especially for a guy who probably won't start for us next year

he's a solid character guy and a guy who is like another coach on the field for the young guys...just wish he was a few years younger and had a solid knee underneath him

the wonger need food
03-24-2007, 05:13 PM
The Wonger is one of my favorite players. He would always stopp and to talk to the fans on his way in and out of the tunnel. But at this point in his career he is a vet minumum player. If he does not restructure he should be cut.