View Full Version : Culpepper may be cut by the Dolphins

03-22-2007, 06:57 PM
Dolphins | Culpepper may be cut
Thu, 22 Mar 2007 16:46:54 -0700

Adam Schefter, of the NFL Network, reports if the Miami Dolphins trade for either Kansas City Chiefs QB Trent Green or Houston Texans QB David Carr, QB Daunte Culpepper will be released.

03-22-2007, 07:32 PM
i hope they pick DC over Green. And i hope they bring us a 2nd round pick.

Ole Miss Texan
03-22-2007, 07:37 PM
I hope DC goes to whereever we can get the best draft pick this year or next. i hope it's oakland. I'd love to see him in chicago but that aint happenin.

I would the Jacksonville would be giving us a 2nd round pick for Carr. Their QB's suck...and they know that Carr can beat the texans 10-12 times a season like he has the past few years!!!

03-23-2007, 01:21 PM
lol, culpepper is NOT going to get cut.

03-23-2007, 01:29 PM
Hope he does go to MIA. It would be fun watching him play against us.