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03-17-2007, 03:54 PM
What do you want from the positions we should address in the draft? Include size, skillset, etc.


03-17-2007, 04:06 PM
if you're advocating a mock draft, I'd go with:
1. LaRon Landry- FS 6'1 213
2. Sidney Rice- WR 6'4 200 / Marcus McCauley- CB 6'1 203
3. Eric Wright- CB 5'11 192 / Steve Smith- WR 6'0 197 / Jason Hill- WR 6'1 204
4. Marshal Yanda- OL 6'4 307
5. Stanley Doughty- DT 6'1 331
6. C.J. Ah You- DE 6'4 274

03-17-2007, 04:11 PM
no, no mock. im asking, what kinda tools/intangibles do you look for. what types of players will fit our system.

03-17-2007, 04:17 PM
no, no mock. im asking, what kinda tools/intangibles do you look for. what types of players will fit our system.

Ahh, sorry. From what I hear, Yanda would be a good fit in our blocking scheme, I would like to pick him up in rounds 3 or 4. For a WR, I say we go for a taller, possession-type receiver (i.e. Sidney Rice), and we REALLY need a S, that is why LaRon should be the 1st pick. As far as CB goes, Daymeion Hughes does not fit in our system, as he is more of a cover 2 type back. We need some depth at the DT more than the DE. Petey Faggins should be our nickel, so we need a #2 CB. (I really like McCauley in round 2). I could be wrong about this, but I think the people I listed fit the team just fine. But like I said, I could be wrong. Does that help some??

03-17-2007, 04:35 PM
DT- i firmly believe that in the 4-3 scheme you need two types of DT's...you need a run stopper whos big, strong, and nasty...a perfect example of a guy like this would be john henderson or jamal williams...you also need a pass rushing DT (3-technique) guy...perfect example tommie harris or warren sapp

DE- here i think if you have two guys like what carolina has had with peppers being your ideal d-end with ruckers the perfect compliment to him...we're actually pretty close to that...we have mario (whose pepper-like) now we just need need the speed end opposite him...if we could get a guy like tim crowder in the draft that i think would begin a great d-end tandom for years to come

CB- my ideal corner would be a guy whose got the speed, who has the hands, and the attitude that makes QB's automatically forget about looking his way...champ bailey to me is still the best corner in the league...but another guy who i wouldn't mind having is antonio cromartie...i know he's young but give him a couple more years to develop and he's going to be a stud

OL- well this is broad...are we talking center, guard, or tackle...an ideal center is a guy who needs to be a little crazy to me...i want an athletic center a guy who can pull...olin kreutz is that type of a guy...guards i like guys who can really push the pile...larry allen still to me is the one of the all time best at this position...tackles need to do everything...eric munoz is one of the best OT's i've ever seen play the game

WR- see andre johnson
FS- see brian dawkins

03-17-2007, 04:45 PM
yes. as far as WR goes, i think we can take one later, in the 4th or 5th, especially when all we're looking for is a possesion receiver. as for OL, i think spencer's health determines if we draft an OL 1st or 2nd day. pass rush is weak this draft, so we have to address it on the 1st day before everyone is taken. DE goes about 2 rounds deep before the talent really drops off.

what im most interested in what we're looking for is DT. we have a bunch of guys who are about the same size, and maybe paul soliai is a possibility because he's huge and can clog space. im really not familiar with NT and UT and what their responsibilities are. we still need some pressure applied in the middle though, but i guess im not ready to give up on travis johnson. hopefully he can actually do something next season.

1-laron landry FS
2-victor abiamiri DE
3-david irons CB
4-paul soliai DT
5-laurent robinson WR
6-henderson/hall/barbre/frye OL whoever drops here. if none are here, Dedrick Harrington LB from Mizzuo would be my choice.

03-17-2007, 08:22 PM
pretty sure we had a similar thread going a little while back, and my response is in that thread.