View Full Version : lets look at the bright side

03-01-2007, 10:11 AM
Let's not forget the bright side of things of our texans team, even if things don't go exactly the way we'd like to in the draft and free agency. We've got a lot of young players that are still together now in their second season under Kubiak and I think they're all only going to get better. Anyone else excited about what we DO have? :doot:

Carr(if he stays) - 2nd year under Kubiak, and he can only get better under this system (right?)

Owen Daniels - I see many touchdowns for him regardless of whos at QB

Demaco Ryans - second year and getting better

Mario Williams - hopefully healthier and I think should settle down some now that the rookie spotlight will shift to this years rookies

Jerome Mathis - If he can stay healthy, then we have a pro bowler returning kicks for us

Running Backs - Lundy and Taylor both flashed some potential last season, and both now in their 2nd year.

As for the Oline and Dline, I'm not as knowledgable on the crews there so I won't comment.