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02-23-2007, 11:22 PM
1. Raiders - Calvin Johnson
He's the best player in the draft and I don't believe even Al can screw this one up.

2. Lions - Brady Quinn
I know what you're thinking but this is Matt Millen here and though the logical choice should be Joe Thomas they can't pass up Quinn with Kitna the starter.

3. Browns - Alan Branch
They could go alot of different directions here but they have no impact players on their D-line and Romeo is a defensive guy that has spent the past few years drafting too many offensive players in the 1st.

4. Bucs - Jamaal Anderson
Still no Joe Thomas? What the hell right? Booger McFarland gone, Simeon Rice is good as gone and so is Dwayne White.

5. Cards - Joe Thomas
This is a no-brainer. Leinhart needs help. Edge can't run behind toilet tissue.

6. Redskins - Gaines Adams
The D-line is weak and their ends are average at best. They need a pass rush and this guy had a superb senior year.

7. Vikings - Adrian Peterson
Oh No!!!! Sorry folks. The Vikes need a superstar at RB to help take some pressure off of Jackson as he takes the helms at QB. He probably could use someone to throw too but no WR's are that good here and nothing helps a QB like a quality running game....just ask DC.

8. Texans - Jamarcus Russell
Its unreal that he's still here at this point (but whatever its my mock). The real question is if he were would the Texans take him? I'm not convinced but common sense says why not. The team is still a few years from being a real contender and with Sage able to start for a few years this kid can be brought along sloooow like DJ Screw (sorry for the hip-hop reference for the older heads.)

9. Dolphins - Levi Brown
The Dolphins have needs in quite a few areas. One would argue D-line is a bigger need with the amount of FA's they have coming up but in the end the drop off of talent after Brown at tackle seems to be pretty significant.

10. Falcson - Reggie Nelson
Falcons secondary needs an upgrade all over (D. Hall aside.) Milloy is getting up there in age and the FS well he's decent. The corner opposite hall is a great return man but doesn't come close to cutting it on the corner. With Nelson able to play both FS/CB they are in a win-win situation depending on what becomes the more pressing need.


02-23-2007, 11:26 PM
its different :secret:

I'm not sure Branch is even a top 10 pick anymore, but who really cares if the Texans get JaMarcus Russell :doot:

02-23-2007, 11:29 PM
its different :secret:

that's what i was going for. I probably could have flip flopped Branch and Peterson honestly but honestly I think Romeo is dying to go Defense but again what the hell do I know. lol

02-23-2007, 11:37 PM
its different :secret:

I'm not sure Branch is even a top 10 pick anymore, but who really cares if the Texans get JaMarcus Russell :doot:

Branch moved from Top 10 to 20 on Kiper's Big Board as soon as the combine started. Anyone know why?