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02-21-2007, 06:41 PM
I think that I would settle for a stack of picks in the 2nd through 4th rounds this year and I guarantee you that you could change the entire team overnight.

If we traded that #8 pick and got a package of a 2, 3, and 4, or something similar, and traded a package of really late (5-7) picks for a second we could completely revamp this squad. My God, three 2nd rounders, two 3rds, and a pair of 4ths in this draft would be like Christmas.:elmo:

Look at the names who might be available in the second through 4th rounds who could waltz in here and start from the time they stepped off the plane:


Aaron Ross
Marcus McCauley
Michael Griffin
Brandon Merriweather
Eric Weddell
Aaron Rouse
Tarrell Brown


Justin Blalock
Ryan Kalil (most underrated player in this draft for my money)
Ben Grubbs
Joe Staley (I am shy about little school players though)
Brandon Frye


Quentin Moses (people say he's slipping for some reason)
Quinn Pittcock
Tim Crowder (bigger than you think)
Brian Robison
Antonio Johnson


Michael Bush
Antonio Pittman
Brian Leonard (does it all, not just a blocking FB, a real threat)


Jason Hill (specimen)
Rhema McKnight
Steve Smith (overshadowed but great)
Robert Meachem (might be the steal of the draft in the 3rd or 4th round)

Heres my thought we'd take.

Kevin Kolb @ QB:victory:
McCauley at corner
Merriweather at safety
Ryan Kalil at center
Justin Blalock at guard
Tim Crowder OR Brian Robison at rush defensive end
Robert Meachem at the #2 receiver spot, and
Michael Bush at RB,

We would have laid a foundation for a real live NFL franchise.

Man this draft is rich in talent all the way down to the 4th round. There are dudes in this draft who will go in the 3rd round who could have been late 1st rounds in some years.

Man I can't wait, but will have to.:poker:

Ole Miss Texan
02-21-2007, 07:02 PM
good idea but theres no way our 5ht, 6th, and 7th is worth a 2nd rd. The points only work out to like a 4th round pick...which would be a bad trade. I'd love to have a lot of 2nd rders though.

02-21-2007, 07:54 PM
Not every rookie transitions well and while loading a team with promising young players is better then bad old players, having a bunch of rookies starting particulalry in the secondary, is not that great of an idea.