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02-16-2007, 10:15 PM

Dunta Robinson CC Brown Glenn Earl Nate Clements

Paul Posluszny DeMeco Ryans ???????

Mario Williams (DE) Anthony Weaver Cory Redding ????


Levi Brown Charles Spencer ????? Eric Wisnton ??????

Oean Daniels Andre Johnson Eric Moulds David Carr (Plz get Kevin Kolb)

Jammel Cook ????????

02-16-2007, 10:20 PM
The biggest things that stands out will be the continuation of the horrid issues at Safety. Clements won't solve those.

Spencer is no gaurantee of being back.

Jameel Cook was no good, Vonta Leach is the guy you want at FB.

And Kelvin Kolb doesn't fit the system.

Rather not draft a LB in the second either.

Like the Brown pick and Clements signings though.

02-16-2007, 10:23 PM
Landry is out there and he is a high end tallent...but my little book says the main DB problem is corner not safty. By passing the nice complimentary LB for meeco or the zone bolcking scheme center at the top of the second might hurt. But not selecting the CB there might hurt more.

02-16-2007, 10:29 PM
Interesting question the CB vs S issue.

A good FS will make all our CB's look better.... but we do need another starting corner though.

I wouldn't object to getting a FS and CB.... Rounds 1 & 2.

I have no idea who I want... I just want a better pass defense.

Ole Miss Texan
02-16-2007, 10:51 PM
Looks pretty decent. But I really don't see us getting Clements in free agency...and actually now hope we don't. We need to get more free agents that can help out than 1 stud. With asanti samuel being franchised (i think?) that means clements as well as some of the 2nd/3rd tiered cb's will want more. we shouldn't get clements unless he was the last piece to our puzzle to winning the superbowl....we're still a few years off even with him so its pointless.

I don't know enough about football to know the specifics about our situation in the secondary. Would getting Landry help us more, or would getting a cb like leon hall help more? i don't know in the least bit but i want both! cc is a SS and faggins is a nickle back.

In my opinion our two biggest weaknesses on our team is offensive line and secondary, in no particular order. I'm really for trading down a few spots in the 1st rd. hopefully if quinn falls to us and a team wants to trade up for him...preferably top 16. maybe greenbay would want AP or Carolina want quinn??? i don't know.

So lets pretend we do find a trading partner a few spots down so we get their first and 3rd rd. (not a 2nd). With our new 1st round pick i think Landry, Nelson, Revis and Hall should be there...at least 1 or 2 of them...def. not all of them. i see it easier to select one of those top cb's easier in the 1st. any of these guys probably won't be bpa at 8 and prob. would be a reach.

Then with our 2nd rd pick I pray to God that Ryan Kalil is there for us. With our offensive line we are 'ok' at guards imo. we still need LT, C...depending on how spencer comes back and how winston pans out. At our Center position we've got Flannigan who is too old, on the decline and is pretty much out the door. McKinney who is our best C ?? who shouldn't be our C. and Hogden..who I don't think should be our long term answer at that position. Ryan Kalil is the top rated C in this draft. He could go late 1st rd possibly and definitly at the top of the 2nd (at this point...who knows after combine and when doctors check him out). Drafting Kalil would give us the 'stud' C we are in desperate need of...for our up and coming young o-line.

That's why I hope we trade down a few spots. and then draft Kalil in the 2nd. It would address our two BIGGEST needs on our team with two of the best prospects in this draft at their position.

any body else on board with me? if kalil isn't there in the 2nd maybe Staley could be or a decent DT.... (kalil is light years better than the other C's imo. that we would look at 2nd day prob.)

02-16-2007, 10:53 PM
No chance of Paul Posluszny falling to us in the 2nd round and I'm not too high on trading up if it would cost us a draft pick we could use later on. Also no chance of Kevin Kolb being the starting QB next year. Jake Plummer is a more realistic option. I don't think Kubiak will start a rookie. I could see us drafting Kolb if he's available in the 3rd round, but you don't put a 3rd round QB out on the field to start immediately.

Ole Miss Texan
02-16-2007, 10:58 PM
[QUOTE=TexanSam;598877]No chance of Paul Posluszny falling to us in the 2nd round and I'm not too high on trading up if it would cost us a draft pick we could use later on. QUOTE]

We'll see how Poz does at the combine. he could be the LB that slips to the 2nd like demeco did last year. only i think poz has gotten more publicity that demeco did. There's a few teams at the end of the 1st rd that could pick up poz but he could slip....i am absolutely not in favor of trading up to get poz in the 1st. I would however wouldn't mind if we trade up to get Willis if he slips to about 30 or so...that'd be cool.:shades:

02-16-2007, 11:48 PM
My thougth on Poz is you're taking a gamble on the knee coming around much like the Texans did with Eric Winston with the 66th last draft. Fact is, watch the Penn state tapes, the junior Conner flat out played him this year. You're buying Penn St. rep and sprinkling it with a little hope with Poz. If you hit ,you hit it big. If you don't he goes into the (Who was the running back expansion draft guy) , oh yeah Hollings,Jopru, Wand pile as another second round failure. I'd hoped we'd do better than that this draft. They gotta hit the second round guy again this draft. It's a moral imperative.

Ok ZBS center isn't a Left tackle....but at least it's a pick in the correct direction. Be nice to do it correct one year. Be the highest rated o-line guy we've ever had. That coupled with the chance to get one of the juniors who went back this year or Gaither if he improves in '07...makes passing Levi a bit More palletable. There is a reason guys last untill day two on the o-line. And each of those reasons comes with a bust factor. And I don't think Staley is a strong post at OLT. We'll see what he lifts next week . Watching Mathis punk Staley twice a year holds no appeal to me. Just as liable to hit an OLT practice squad guy in the fifth as you are in the second. I guess with me it's a bird in the hand thingy. At least with Kalil we get the first peice of the o-line squared away.

02-17-2007, 12:40 AM
No chance of Paul Posluszny falling to us in the 2nd round

there is always a chance :winky:

02-17-2007, 02:19 PM
Detroit is going to franchise tag Redding so he's basically out of the picture. I also can't see Nate Clements wanting to come here, especialyl because we aren't going to be able to pay him as much as some of the other teams who need him too.

02-17-2007, 03:36 PM

Mario -Tr Johnson - A Weaver - Gaines Adams

David Harris - Demeco - Greenwood

Dunta - CC Brown - Michael Lewis - Aaron Ross


Johnson --- Luke Pettigout - Pitts - Weary - Winston - Spencer --- Moulds

Darius Walker - Carr- Leach

Now that we have used 07 to get the defense ready to go and upgraded the OLine, we can fix the QB and give the O more upgrades in 08.

02-17-2007, 05:36 PM
There's no way that Darius Walker would come in and be the starter. He at least needs to bulk up a little bit for the NFL, which won't be that hard but I don't think he's going to be a good player in the NFL.