View Full Version : Senior Bowl thoughts

01-29-2007, 04:18 PM
Kalil from USC at Center would make a FINE addition, he was oustanding!

Levi Brown at LT looked good

Aaron Sears looked good at Guard

That young guy (wont try to spell his name) looked incredible at DT as well did the De's from Nebraska

I think Merriweather is #2 on my board at the FS position, he can cover the slot, but overall Landry is the better guy. Im not sure

I wasnt really impressed with any WRs, Bowe is tall, but ehh.

Kolb was not great

Paul Posluszny looked decent at LB

In summary, Im still for trading down in the draft and taking Levi in the first, looking for a Safety/OLB in the 2nd and then a Guard/OLB/Safety in the third.