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01-26-2007, 07:00 PM
Here it is

Free Agency

Now this is where most of the message board has been talking about people we'd sign such as Nate Clements, Asante Samuel, Lance Briggs and some more I dont remember. I think we are sorta over doing it but hey its a message board and people are allowed to post their opinions. So here is what I think. I listened to Nate Clements on SR610, he said that he would love to play for Houston if the cash is right, and he's been wanting to leave Buffalo to go to a winner, we may not be winner, but he also said that he can turn it around,not that I dont think it could happen, but I dont think he will single handedly turn us around, it will take a team effort starting at QB. Which brings me to my next player,Jake Plummer. Now the board has been half and half on him coming, people state that he had his best years under Kubs, and that he is a proven winner, and he is a upgrade over Carr, other say that he is another Carr and just a waste of time. I think that he is a instant upgarde due to his years under Kubs and he brings a winning mentalaty to this team, something we lack, he also looks good in a Texans jersey:D Here Are My free agent signings

1.Jake Plummer
2.Cory Redding
3.Todd Sauerbrun(If the Texans Are Willing to Take him in)

01-29-2007, 11:15 AM