View Full Version : Superbowl XLI question??

01-16-2007, 10:31 PM
I've noticed that on the radio when they talk about the superbowl, they dont call it the superbowl. They say the "Big Game". When they do say it, they bleep it. SR610 has a promotion to go to the Golden Nugget in Vegas, and they refuse to use the word superbowl. Instead they keep saying the "Big Game in Miami". Has anyone else noticed?? Are they not allowed to say Superbowl XLI??

01-16-2007, 11:09 PM
I read somewhere that the casinos in Vegas were haveing "SUPERBOWL" parties..... Well the NFL did not like that vegas was making money using NFL property "THE SUPERBOWL". so vegas groups will name it "THE BIG GAME"

01-17-2007, 06:37 AM
What I have heard years ago is that the NFL owns the "word" and they don't want anyone making any money off it it what so ever. Mattress Mac used to have Superbowl sales, now its get ready for the Big Game. Just listen, just about everyone will say Big Game this or that until the Superbowl. Damn shame the NFL threatens lawsuits over the use of a games name.
I mean I am not going to run out and buy a house full of furniture or a new car because the word SUPERBOWL sale...

Damn, now I just know I will be getting a call from an NFL attorney demanding I change all of my Superbowl words into Big Game in this post.

01-17-2007, 07:29 AM
There are official sponsors of the game that pay big money to be official sponsors.

So, to keep it that way, the NFL protects their name.