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01-06-2007, 01:05 PM
I'm currently having a 'discussion' about the lack of a playoff system in college football on another forum.

Basically i said that there should be one implemented because of teams like Boise State and their perfect record this season.

Below is someone's reply to my comment.

That's the ageless lament. But too many people lose sight of the fact that this is not a professional league, it's a university association. The athletes are supposed to be STUDENT-athletes, not professional athletes. There are about 130 NCAA Division 1 schools, and each team plays 12-13 games apiece.

And what's to stop Div 2 and Div 3 schools with teams that have goo-or-perfect records putting their hands up and saying, hey, we wanna be in the BCS playoffs too, just like the NCAA basketball tournament? Alas, basketball is one sport, and football entirely another. You cannot expect student-athletes to have a fixture list equal to the professional NFL.

Even if we were to restrict a tournament to the Div 1 schools, the number of schools and conference schedules makes a playoff system difficult and unwieldy. And it certainly doesn't do much for a student's higher education, which is the object of the institution in the first place. Unfortunately, NCAA sports have become such a major priority that it's a farce some of these athletes were even permitted to be students. We have seen universities award scholarships and graduate "students" like Dexter Manley -- who had the functional literacy of an 8 year old (ie. illiterate). These players are supposed to be students first; and the really good players understand that, which is why they are so quick to pull the trigger and leave their program the second they become eligible for a professional draft. The NCAA is more interested in the recruitment and scholarship abuses in their athletic programs -- which always hurt the integrity of academic institutions far more than they hurt athletic programs -- and that's a far more important priority to them than BCS playoffs.

I always thought that the main reason a playoff system has not setup was because there is to much money associated with the bowls and the committees behind the bowls would stand to lose to much money? Or is the above comments correct?

01-06-2007, 01:11 PM
Does the guy know all other NCAA Football divisions have a playoff?

01-06-2007, 01:16 PM
Does the guy know all other NCAA Football divisions have a playoff?
beat me to it! D1-AA and all the other divisions have playoffs. Also, school is over for most schools around December 15th or so (give or take). So they really wouldn't miss much school at all. As long as it didn't interfere with finals (confrence champioships might), I don't see the problem.