View Full Version : Active in the FA market

01-04-2007, 03:40 PM
Am I the only one who read that in the season ending quotes that GK & company plan to be active and possibly big players in FA this year...

ďI think without talking cap numbers I think weíll be competitive. Thereís definitely more teams out there that have a lot more room than we do. I think one of the positive things that weíve got going for us right now is that weíve got players out there saying good things about our program. One thing thatís happening in the NFL right now is that players have options and if theyíve got options of where they want to go play and where they want to further their career. Some players sign strictly on money and where thereís the most money. But thereís a lot of players that really are looking for an opportunity in a great city and an organization that is doing things the right way so Iím hoping that our reputation and our players, Iím asking our players to help us. In a lot of ways itís a recruiting process and Iím hoping that we will be very competitive whether thatís signing one or two players or going after seven or eight, as you say, mid-range players. I donít know that right now, but Iím hoping that we be very competitive. I expect us to be.Ē