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baba ganoush
01-03-2007, 10:24 PM
In the free agency, we have to address our biggest needs...Cornerback and the Offensive Line...Thats why we have to go after Nate Clements and Eric Steinbach fast; offer them what it takes to bring them into Houston, they would improve this organization greatly...

ROUND 1 : LaRon Landry : The best Saftey in the draft, if we can land Clements, we should have one of the most dominant defensive backfields in the NFL.

ROUND 2 : Rufus Alexander : It would be like having 2 DeMeco Ryans on one team...One word...WOW!!!

ROUND 3 : Kevin Kolb : Very underrated, but that is a good thing, because he could fall to us in the 3rd round...One of the better Quarterback prospects in this draft...

ROUND 4 : Brandon Mebane : A little undersized, but a guy who can collapse a pocket, and he should take some pressure off of Mario Williams...

ROUND 5 : Darius Walker : A tough runner that could eventually become the starter in this system; he's been a stong player for the Irish...

ROUND 6 : Marcus Bacon : An OLB, Saftey kind of player; has good speed and is a sure tackler...Along with Kevin Kolb and Darius Walker, this kid should be a steal in the draft!

ROUND 7 : Joe Radigan : Punter that has a "cannon" for a leg

01-03-2007, 10:46 PM
You're going to be in for some heart ache come the end of April.

01-04-2007, 06:17 PM
Round 7 is a charm

01-04-2007, 07:30 PM
if we signed clements and got an OT, no need for landry at 8. trade back and take lynch or willis. brohm might be there as well if he declares, id stay at 8 to take him. take a safety in the 2nd like weddle or michael johnson in the 3rd.

1-lynch rb
2-harrell dt
2-bowe wr
3-johnson fs
4-durant wlb

addressed the RB situation and give a big DT to play with mario. FS is addressed with a guy who is a playmaker and has high upside. LB is not a major need, but get a guy from a small school who could really turn into something in the 4th. bowe is a big physical WR for Carr who will take over for Moulds when he leaves. addressed both sides of the ball through the draft and got 2 very good FA signings.