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12-31-2006, 06:11 PM
Who do you feel has EARNED a starting spot this year? And who has earned honor of being part of the cut/trade crew.

Please list reasons why for either keep or kick.

btw before this becomes a Carr thread, for this thread, QB's are EXCLUDED. Dont list Qb's. Any other position is good to go though.

12-31-2006, 06:17 PM
I think Taylor and Maddox have both earned a spot. I will give no player a starter spot, but I think they have roster spots. I think Dayne, Pitts, Weary, Mario, D-rob, Earl, Meco, Greenwood, Sage, AJ all have roster spots.

I think Gado is our best, non-QB trade bait. I think Cook is gone. I think McKinny is gone.

12-31-2006, 06:23 PM
On Offense:

Taylor/Dayne: Rotation for starting runningback. Both earned their spot for that position next season.

Vonta Leach: He is our fullback. Did a great job this season, especially receiving.

AJ/Moulds: Great 1+2 tandem, Moulds had some big catches this season and AJ was able to be ridden all 17 weeks and remained healthy.

Owen Daniels: Did a great job as a rookie, and did good job catching a lot of balls this season, nowhere to go but up for this kid, and that is scary.

Chester Pitts: Our one consistent performer this season, and the past few seasons, always stays healthy, and does a good job at that guard position.

On Defense:
Mario Williams: Provided a lot of pressure this season despite being double teamed, and also made some tackles down field, which you don't see too often from D linemen. Had a hurt foot, still produced 50 tackles, 4.5 sacks, and a few forced/recovered fumbles, the biggest one being the colts last week which I think decided the game. Also many times put some huge hits on the opposing teams quarterbacks, even when they didn't have the ball. And some big hits on the running back, when you have a physical freak like that who puts fear in the opponents eye, it really helps out.

Demeco Ryans: Ran full speed to the ball every play, and made the tackle 158 times. Had some big plays, stayed healthy, led our defense through thick and thin. Best young linebacker in the nfl who isn't on steroids.

Dunta Robinson: Covered pretty well, made some big plays, and made some HUGE hits. Best hitting corner I have seen in the league. He will be a good one...we just need to get him some help back there.

9 out of 22...isnt too bad... is it?

The people that earned a spot on the roster to compete for a job and will most likely start: Greenwood, Orr, Earl, CC Brown, Anthony Maddox, Travis Johnson. But the ones I listed earlier have their spot no questions asked.

12-31-2006, 11:51 PM
Ryan and Owens have spot on next years team. All other's could be cut or traded.

01-01-2007, 12:00 AM
Taylor has played well for us, but it has come against two of the worst defenses in the league.

All Taylor or Dayne have earned is a shot to make the team at training camp. I would still try to acquire a proven veteran free agent or draft one of the top running back prospects. They are good depth, but I'm still not willing to go into the 2007 season with Dayne and Taylor as our two starting backs.

01-01-2007, 12:04 AM
I hate to be the bringer of bad news on the RB situation for some. One game does not a starting runningback make.

Dayne - Indy is DEAD last in rush defense. Hell, they got their spot in the cellar cemented there. An NFL worst 174.5 yards per game allowed on the ground and an impressive 5.3 yards per attempt. Rememeber when MJD and Taylor BOTH went for 120+ on them last time they played the Colts?

Taylor - It's the Browns...come on. You know, the same team who gave up 500 yards to Jamal Lewis in two games in 2003(Yes, I realize they are not the same team playerwise...but that stat is just insane). This year Cleveland is 3rd from last in rushing yards allowed per game.

01-01-2007, 12:19 AM
Dayne - Indy is DEAD last in rush defense. Hell, they got their spot in the cellar cemented there. An NFL worst 174.5 yards per game allowed on the ground and an impressive 5.3 yards per attempt. Rememeber when MJD and Taylor BOTH went for 120+ on them last time they played the Colts?

Dayne did run well for us before the Indy game. It's not like he just had one good game. He carried our team for three or for games before that with solid games with 80+ yards. The Taylor part I agree with, but I think Dayne has definately solidified himself on the roster.

01-01-2007, 12:25 AM
Taylor/Dayne/Lundy.. 2 of these guys will be starters, the last will be a backup.

AJ/Moulds/Walters.. great WR trio.

Daniels.. Definatly our starting TE

Pitts.. hes the only guy that I know has a starting spot right now. Id give an edge to Weary, Spencer, and Winston as well.

Williams.. Only Dlineman id lock in to a starting spot.. though i really liked what I had been seeing from Maddox and both the Johnsons. Disappointed in Peek and Babin.

Greenwood/Meco.. Need us another OLB

Dunta/Faggins.. I think this is our CB duo and i like it. Get em some help in the secondary, and a good pass rush, and they will be stars for you.

01-01-2007, 12:28 AM
Williams.. Only Dlineman id lock in to a starting spot.. though i really liked what I had been seeing from Maddox and both the Johnsons. Disappointed in Peek and Babin.

I think Weaver is a lock for a starting spot. At least I would hope so with the money that we gave him.

01-01-2007, 12:31 AM
This is a list of people who should start in my opinion. I didnt fill every position. I just drew up a list of people I think desearve to start.

QB: Oh wait, we werent discussing that ok.

HB:Dayne or Lundy/Taylor. I think we keep these three. I think that when Dayne showed up here he was out of shape and in the second half of the season played himself into shape. A big strong power runner and a solid quick runner is the formula for a succesful run attack. I think we should go quick in the begining, then power as the game wears on, but I am still not compleltey sure.

WR: AJ/Moulds. Moulds did what was expected of him and provide relief for AJ. Now what we need is an extra WR who can be a burner. I am hoping that someone can be Mr Mathis, but I am not compleltey sure he is the one.

TE: Owen Daniels showed us a glimpse of what a really solid TE he can be. When we took him in the draft I moaned as I contemplated what we could have had, but I am pleased at what I am seeing.

FB: Vonta Leach. We only need one FB on this team and he needs to be able to block, help create holes, and even be a passing threat in the red zone. I think Leach could be that guy.

OL: Spencer, Pitts, Winston, Flannigan: This is tough. I am really hoping Spencer can come back becuause he was looking so solid until he went down for injury. From what i have seen Winston is turning into a real solid Olineman and the run of injuries might have accelerated his progress. Pitts was hands down our best starter at the Oline.

DE: Mario and Weaver were great players for us this year. I expect Mario to be fully healed by next year and continue his progression. Even when his foot hurt, he was disruptive so i cant wait to see him fully healed. Mario's progress will only help Weaver.

DT: I like what I saw out of Maddox. He played with a fire and determination that is really lacking out of one Travis Johnson.

LBS:This list starts and stops with Demeco Ryans. I am not thrilled with Greenwood or Orr to be quite frank. I really want to sign Lance Briggs and put him next to DeMeco and then find another solid SEC LB and put him on Demeco's other side.

DB: Wow. If there has been a weak link in our chain this might be it. From our entire group I would start Dunta and Earl and thats it. I want to sign Asante Samules(or find a solid corner in the draft) as well as find a solid FS.

wow. Suddenly I feel a little saddned looking at that list.:um:

01-01-2007, 12:44 AM
Vonta Leach has earned a starting spot next year, as has Ryans and Williams. Everyone else better work hard this offseason.

01-01-2007, 01:20 AM
RB: Taylor and Dayne
FB: Leach
TE: Owen and Bruener
OL: Spencer and Pitts
DL: Mario, Peak
LB: Ryans
DBs: Dunta and Glenn Earl

Evans for Special Teams.

01-01-2007, 01:45 AM
leach is number 1 on my list as far as EARNING a starting job. the kid is dynamite. dayne also earned a hard look as a starter because he & leach work so well together. dayne's also high on my list because i couldnt care less about "breaking the big run" ... i'd gladly trade 25 carries at 4.1 yards each for a 2.0ypc "dancer" with a slim chance at a big gain. spencer in his brief time earned his left tackle position and pitts holds a starter job. winston did well to secure a spot on the roster, but i'm not sure he's starter material yet ... i loved the progress so i'm curious to where kubiak puts him. moulds and johnson played as well as expected. weary holds a roster spot, but i'd like an upgrade.

i'm not a big kevin walter fan, so i'd like to see him go ... i'd much rather see what anderson could do. cook needs to go because he cant catch & cant block. gado isnt very good. bruener costs too much ... if he came at vet minimum i might give him a second look. bedell, salaam, weigert, and mckinney ... GONE QUICKLY!! lundy & taylor i'm putting in the release pile, but that's just because i'm sure that we'll acquire another runningback or two during the offseason ... these two are going to earn their jobs by what they do during training camp & preseason, although i'm satisfied with each being backups.

on defense we obviously keep mario, but i'd make sure to hold onto babin on the other side. next year we need to make more of an effort to get babin involved very early in the season because he gets better as the season progresses. weaver is an obvious keep. kalu is a solid player that i keep. payne i love and that one i'll leave to the coaching staff ... that's a lot of money for an over the hill injury proned DT. demeco ryans is obvious. i'd hang onto troy evans because he's been solid on special teams and is actually pretty good the few times he sees time on defense, along with orr who makes a strong pass-rushing backup & special teamer. rainer during training camp was the defensive leader, i'd hope to get him healthy and see what he can bring during preseason. dunta robinson's a keeper. faggins is a keeper also, and if we land a centerfielder (free safety) i'd be comfortable with him starting #2. simmons i love as a backup free safety, special teamer, and dime-back ... i simply love the way simmons plays. earl i keep and depending on CC Brown's salary, i keep him as a backup to earl. i dont know enough about roc alexander other than his short time in denver so i'd give him minimum to come to training camp.

thomas johnson and most of the "street" free agent defensive tackles i let go, and let them try to come back to earn a spot during training camp. peek i would promote to no end and try to dupe someone into trading a draft pick for him as he's a RFA. i dont mind him as a situational pass rusher, but that's not what kubiak wants from players. greenwood i'd cut outright. wong might need to be forcibly retired. lewis sanders & dexter mcleon should be cut.

several guys like flanagan, putz, wynn, mathis & others i'm leaving out because they're in a grey area. neither option would be right or wrong IMO.

01-01-2007, 12:31 PM
What about Special Teams? :stirpot:

Keep Kris Brown (with competition at training camp though)

Trade/cut Chad Stanley

01-01-2007, 12:48 PM
Not many players earned a starting spot, but plenty have earned roster spots:

1. Demeco Ryans. Is there any doubt?
2. Owen Daniels. Hit a rookie wall the 2nd half of the season, but he showed that he can be a good TE.
3. Ron Dayne. The way he played the last quarter of the season was phenomenal. If he could do that week in and week out, he'd be a 1500 yard back.
4. Anthony Maddox. Guy came out of nowhere and has played very well. The way he played against the Browns certainly didn't hurt his cause.
5. Vonta Leach. Doesn't have fumbleitis like Jameel Cook did. He played pretty good after replacing him.

On the bubble:
1. Chris Taylor. He had a good game against the Browns, but it was his only regular season action besides a few carries against the Colts. Would have liked to see him play earlier in the season to get a better idea.
2. Petey Faggins. He looks very good at times and plays like a quality corner. At other times he looks like he should be nothing more than a practice squad guy (the Buffalo game). I think he'll be back, but he shouldn't be a starting CB.
3. David Carr. Kubiak's decision. I guess you can say he improved this season, but by how much? He has the talent to win and you can't question his heart. He's one tough son of a gun, but it may be time for a change of scenery.

01-01-2007, 12:59 PM
I actually hope that no one has earned a starting spot yet. I want EVERY position to be up for grabs once training camp starts. If a new player comes here by whatever means and they are better I hope we let them start.

01-01-2007, 01:48 PM
peek i would promote to no end and try to dupe someone into trading a draft pick for him as he's a RFA. i dont mind him as a situational pass rusher, but that's not what kubiak wants from players.

He is an URFA and will be gone to a good team

01-01-2007, 02:55 PM
He is an URFA and will be gone to a good team

Very likely the Pats. Billichech like him.

01-01-2007, 03:19 PM
On offense:
HB is still up for grabs. Ron Dayne showed some good stuff, as did Chris Taylor, but if DD comes back healthy then it's all up in the air.
FB: Vonta Leach has definitely earned the starting FB job. FBs are, IMO, such an underrated position that it's nice to see that we've got a solid starter there now.
WR: Moulds and AJ are a good pair and both deserve to keep their starting job.
TE: Daniels should stay.
OL: Keep McKinney at C, and just keep this year's starters healthy, and we've improved our line 100%.
DL: Mario Williams and Anthony Weaver are starters.
LB: Demeco Ryans is the man. He should not only start, he should be defensive captain next year.
CB: Dunta is a starter. No one else really seems to be playoff-team starter caliber.
Safety: Glenn Earl, maybe.
K: Kris Brown should have to compete for his job.
P: Dunno.

01-01-2007, 03:27 PM
RB: Dayne/Talyor/Davis--WIde open but Davis disserves to be the front runner if injury free. Other wise it's Dayne's job to lose. Taylor has to prove more to me than just one game. LUNDY is a prime example of that.

FB: Leech all the way/ Draft a backup/ Relase Cook

OL: My starting OL (assuming all injuries are not a factor) Spencer, Wiegert, Flanagan. Pitts, Winston... McKinney's time here is over (not Becasue he is bad, but we found a solid foundation to build from.

TE: Daniels/Putzier/Bruenur (good trio)

WR: NO changes here, We may draft someone to compete for #3 spot.

DL: Williams, Kalu, DRAFT PICK, Weaver( MAddox, Thomas Johnson have earned roster spots/ Travis Johnson and Seth Payne released both good trade bait with Johnson being the most valuable)

LB: Ryans is the only sure starter. but on the outside I think Wong should get a fair shake at gaining his starter tag back. but I don't see kubes allowing that. Free agent on one side and Competion for the other side from Orr and Greenwood.

CB: D-rob then a Solid starter Free agent for the other CB/NO one else played well enough to earn a sure spot on the sqaud next season

FS: Wide open too Brown had a good season finalle, but I'm not convinced he has the coverage skillls required at that spot.

SS: Glenn Earl played well enough to keep that spot / he plays the run well and his coverage skills are good

My personal Opinions: From a draft/FA stand point Top priorites are (QB excluded) DL (help Mario) OL (help our QB) CB (help D-rob) FS (help the CB helping D-rob)

Second Honeymoon
01-01-2007, 03:55 PM
Who Earned A Chance To Play For The Texans? Here is my opinion

QB - Sage
RB - Dayne, Taylor, and Lundy (we gotta dump DD sadly)
FB - Leach!!
OL - Spencer, Wiegert, Flanagan, Pitts, Winston, Salaam (can we just get rid of Hodgson the day after season? he sucks)
TE - Daniel and Putzier
WR - AJ, Moulds, Walter
DL - Williams, Kalu, Weaver, Maddox, Thomas Johnson (and we gotta keep Travis to see if he can get healthy but he has sucked)
LB - Ryans, Greenwood, Orr
CB - D-Rob *crickets chirping*
FS - Glenn Earl *crickets chirping*

I think our priorities are: Free Safety, Cornerback, veteran QB backup/competition for Sage, OL depth, frontline DE opposite Mario, and a new Punter.

dream scenario would be to get Nate Clements or Ashanti Samuel in FA and then draft FS LaRon Landry with the 8th or 9th pick overall. If we can't get Clements or Ashanti, then go after FS Deon Grant and draft Gaines Adams or DT Branch if one of them are available still. Then we can have Plummer or Carr compete with Sage for starting job and add some OL depth in FA and the draft. We may have to hope for lightning in a bottle in regards to our DE issues....Peek just aint getting it done, geez Babin has had a better year than Antwan

Bearfan Blue and Orange
01-02-2007, 02:24 PM
i'm not a big kevin walter fan, so i'd like to see him go ... i'd much rather see what anderson could do. .

You have been a hater of Walter since he BEAT our your guy once.

Give the guy the props he deserves. With an EXTREMELY limited offense this season and not nearly as many 3WR sets as Kube thought he would have had because of all the "extra" protection needed to give Carr any time, Walter was not used to 1/4 of his potential and yet he contributed very positively (first downs "moving the chains").

If Kevin would have been cut or traded in favor of Armstrong and he contributed as much as Kevin, I would give him props... NO I wouldn't honestly because of he was not with the Texans I would not be following the RED BULL this year. I would be following Kevin where ever he plays.

Thank GOD my Bears are doing well because I don't know what I would do if I had to follow the bears and the texans losing. (might have pushed me to become a Packer or Cowgirl fan.... HECK NO!!!)