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12-31-2006, 03:26 PM
kubes started out by choosing to keep carr which isnt looking like the right decision. then he came back with an excellent draft and was putting a pretty good team together imo. i think the loss of spencer was huge. the defense finally started to gel about the same time the offense fell apart. but the last half of the season we started playing better and finally got some wins at the end.

kubes off the field decisions have been pretty good especially the players he has brought in.

his on the field decisions were a little shacky at first. i was dissapointed in how he managed the game. some of his replay reviews were questionable and his decision to call a pass play at the end of the buffalo game lost that one for us.

today he showed he learns from his mistakes by letting carr run a naked bootleg and kepping the clock running. our defense is our strength right now. he also seemed a lot calmer today. even though the replay he challanged wasnt overturned it was a good challange we didnt really need the time out at that point and he seemed sure of hisself. something capers never was. i was also impressed how he came out throwing trying to let carr show something even though it looked early like we could of run the ball more. i think that was just some carr evaluation. and carr didnt do to well.

all in all im impressed with kubes improvement and i think he will make a fine coach.

were going to the playoffs next year. you heard it here first.

12-31-2006, 04:06 PM
Kubiak got a slow start, but I'm optimistic about his future with the team. I think he would have had more success this season if he hadn't hitched his wagon to David Carr.

12-31-2006, 04:07 PM
Kubiak got a slow start, but I'm optimistic about his future with the team. I think he would have had more success this season if he hadn't hitched his wagon to David Carr.

Ya but I suppose it was worth trying. Even if we had to pass on VY.

12-31-2006, 04:38 PM
through evaluation of the players and watching game film coach k will be learning from some of the mistakes he made this year. with allready having a year in his system, the players as well as coach k will be improved with a full season of football under their belts...kudos to kubiak for a good year and the great years to come!!! :marionaner:

12-31-2006, 05:15 PM
If Kubes makes as much game day improvements as the team overall did this year than we have no worries!
One thing is for sure his is a much better coach then Denny Green. Who took twice the talent and only manage 5 wins!:snobord:

12-31-2006, 05:19 PM
what impresses me is that he seems to learn from his mistakes and not make the same mistakes over and over.

12-31-2006, 05:20 PM
I really like the addition of Richard Smith at defensive coordinator. A lot of players were kind of taking the "my way" approach at the begining of hte season, but once they started doing things his way, it started transforming into better defense. Defensively we have played SO much better the second half of the season than the first. I think the ball control on offense helped out a bit, but We have the two best young defensive players in the league, so in a few years... wow... talk about lights out defense.

Kubiak had the best draft out of any team last season. We brought in the two best defensive players in the league, and two offensive tackles who were effective, a tight end who led all tight ends in receiving a few weeks in a row, and an overachieving 6th round back. This team could be scary with another draft like that.