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12-31-2006, 01:23 AM
I am writing this to vent and help me cope with what I have found out today. They say it is better to talk about it get it out so who better than my fellow Texans fan. Today I found out my father has cancer and that there is nothing they can do he is 56. I have sat here and thought of my time with my father and best friend. My fondest memory's was growing up watching the Oilers games with my father now he was hardcore. We would go to a game once in awhile but had to sit in the nose bleeds you know where you had to watch the game on the tv in your section but it did not matter I was their with my dad.
The only time I saw tears in this man eyes was when the Oilers left town and he swore that day he would not watch football again. Now football was a religion in my home so for my father to stop was like ripping out my heart I could no longer sit beside him on the couch and root on our home town team.
Now I have a son of my own and he is a hugh Texans fan like his father I guess it comes full circle. But my father has not watch football since the Oilers left that was till this year he slowly came around to watching the Texans with me. I asked him why he did not become a Texans fan from the get go his response he did not want to take the chance of loving a team just to get his heart rip out from them moving to another city but now he does not have to worry about that because he says he will be gone before he sees another one of his beloved sport's teams leave so now he roots for the Texans every game as if it were the Oilers vs the Steelers.
I get to go to one game a year this Sunday being that game. I go a lone every time but this time my son is old enough and I will be bringing the family to give my son memory's that my father did for me and I will be bringing him as well though he is weak and has known of his condition since Jan. he would like to go to a Texans game before he passes.
I guess what I am getting at is though the Texans do not make the playoffs or make the moves we want at lease they are here and who know maybe you can make a few memory's of lifetime between a father and a son, or mother and daughter, or the whole family together to root on their Texans for me I am grateful that the Texans are here to reunite a father and son in a love that the two enjoyed together and now I can start with my son. So relax calm down at lease we have a our team and they are not going anywhere. Love you dad. And thanks for being there.

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12-31-2006, 01:30 AM
best wishes to you bud

mike moffat
12-31-2006, 08:42 AM
Kind of puts things in prospective. Good post. And, good luck. Live every day as if it is the last.

V Man
12-31-2006, 08:57 AM
Touching Post, keep strong and best wishes.

12-31-2006, 09:24 AM
Roughneck's I am so sorry to hear your news and your dad will be in my prayers. My family indured the same pain your now feeling for the last 18 months my mother in law passed of cancer a couple of months ago. It was a lot like your dads there was nothing that could be done. Enjoy EVERY MOMENT you can now don't think about the future it will come when its time but your dad is still here and thats what matters now. I know it's a hard. Enjoy the game this Sunday and keep your head up as the saying goes "its not over till it over" If you have any questions or you just need to vent please feel free to PM me anytime. Again I am so sorry to hear your news.