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12-28-2006, 08:15 AM
I was suprised to find the following statement on Wikipedia when trying to track down some info on a Oilers/Browns MNF game back in '88.
"This list includes every team except for the Houston Texans, who have yet to play a Monday Night game, because the owner (Bob McNair) has a special contract with the NFL which does not allow Monday night games for the Texans."
Why would any owner not want their team on MNF?
I couldn't imagine us being there during our current state of suck-dom, but as the team becomes a contender who wouldn't want to go to Reliant for a Monday night game?!?!?

12-28-2006, 08:20 AM
hmm that's weird. it's wikipedia, so it can be edited by anyone, remember that.

12-28-2006, 08:31 AM
Yes, if its on Wikipedia, be skeptical. That sounds ludicrous.