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12-22-2006, 03:35 PM
I'm sure through the years we have posted threads and some were hot threads...I can go back to 03 and 04 doubting David Carr and some other moves but I went back and found some quite funny replies to either my threads or others check this one out...

Well TexBoy, I agree with you. But for the sake of minimizing pointless arguments among the Casserly faithful in here, I for the most part keep my comments to myself as far as personnel decisions go. But I do have a bit of advice for you DatTexBoy. First rule, don't ever question a Casserly decision on these boards. All you are doing is asking for every Casserly fan to question your mentality or reasoning for questioning his mentality and or reasoning (or lack thereof). Two, just relax. It's a long season just sit back and watch things unfold. Who knows he could be the next "Freak" (I would only hope so for the teams sake)? Besides I said all I had to say back when this "brilliant" move was made. Hey i'm just your average "Joe Six-Pack" (like most on here despite what they profess) who can't wait for the season to start and want the Texans to win!

12-22-2006, 03:37 PM
On any of our jobs we are expected to produce to a certain amount of productivity. If we don't then we are going to have a problem with our boss(es). If our boss doesn't hold you to a certain standard then human nature takes over and you tend to relax and not produce as much as you would normally. David Carr has a great smile and personality, but this isn't a modeling agency. This is a professional football team. It kills me to hear people say that Carr had a good game. Stats reading 8 for 20 for under a hundred yards, rushing att 3 for 4 yds. Well, I can understand a bad game and even a few bad games. It happens. However, what needs to happen is accountability. Not what you have done for me but what are you doing for me lately. Do you think anyone else in the NFL will pay Carr what we are willing to pay him? Some may argue that if he is "shell shocked!"

Shell shocked is not a good term to or characteristic to have as a starting QB. How many military personnel have you known to just come out of shell shock just b/c they're no longer in that hostile environment? It's not a over night thing nor will it be an over-off-season thing. I hate to say it but the guy is damaged goods. Yes he is talented, and yes he has potential but just like a female with emotional baggage...Carr has issues...his confidence in this team is very little...and if we don't watch out we well lose Gaffney and Johnson b/c they have enough talent to be pro bowl players.

Davis is over-rated and just b/c we have a bunch of needs...allowing Reggie Bush to pass is crazy! I am not saying Davis isn't a suffiencient back but he hasn't played an entire season to date. Build your team with talented people who can score.

Casserly would lose every freaking pick-up basketball game or flag fooball game b/c he wants "character guys"...hey Cass...how about someone who knows how to play the freaking game and has extreme talent...you bum

Capers...you should know that your pathetic offense sucks royal-ly...you are a former defensive coordinator...every NFL defense looks at our offense and are literally salivating...this is why you will be job hunting like myself....and it's rough out here!

Bob, you've shown great class...now it's time to kick some...well you know