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12-17-2006, 03:21 PM
There are plenty of choices if we decide to take a new qb in 2007 fa........
Matt Schaub, RFA, Atlanta Falcons
The free agent quarterback class is light in 2007, but teams in true need of a field general may be highly interested in Schaub. He has an NFL arm and has shown flashes of possibly being a legitimate quality starting quarterback. It is likely that just a handful of teams would aggressively pursue Schaub, but if someone is willing to pay decent money and forfeit a draft pick for Schaub, he could be lured away from his spot behind Michael Vick. In the end, Schaubís chances of re-signing with the Falcons donít look good, as Schaub will pursue a bigger role in another offense.

Chris Simms, UFA, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The 2006 season went terribly awry for Simms. In 2005, he completed 61% of his passes and entered the current season determined to improve upon those efforts, but in just the third game of season against the Carolina Panthers, Simms was hit hard multiple times. After the game, Simms was taken to a hospital where surgeons performed a splenectomy, removing his spleen because of internal bleeding. If Simms is able to play the game again, and decides to strap on the helmet, his initial role could be greatly diminished because of health concerns.

Damon Huard, UFA, Kansas City Chiefs
Huard had fallen off the NFL map somewhat in recent seasons. After starting as the Miami Dolphins quarterback in the í99 and í00 seasons, he played in just four games and attempted only one pass from the í01 season through the í05 season. An early injury to Chiefs starter Trent Green changed Huardís fate. Huard played in parts of nine games while Green was out, and in those nine games, he showed that he was a quite capable NFL quarterback. Huard posted a 97.6 quarterback rating with a 60.6% completion rate, and his 11 touchdown passes to just one interception had to have made an impression on someone. Huard may be asked to play second fiddle in a new town, but if he shows the same talent that he did in replacing Green, he could make a run at a starting position, if thereís a team looking to take a risk on a veteran.

Other Free Agent Quarterbacks

Rohan Davey, RFA, Arizona Cardinals
Shaun King, UFA, Indianapolis Colts
John Navarre, RFA, Arizona Cardinals
Tim Rattay, UFA, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Anthony Wright, UFA, Cincinnati Bengals

Plus there is talk about Jake Delhomme and Jake Plummer which of these would be best for this organization for a quick fix and mentor for a rookie that we should draft????? I say Mat Schaub easily thoughts???????

12-17-2006, 03:27 PM
I think we need to try to sign Plummer and draft a QB. Let whomever we draft sit for a year to learn the system under Kubiak and Plummer and then let them fight for the starting job in '08.