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12-16-2006, 04:13 PM
I thought we gave up a 5th or 4th for Moulds or was that last years pick

1st Round
New England Patriots from Seattle - WR Deion Branch

2nd Round
New York Jets from Washington - '06 NFL Draft day trade
Tampa Bucs from Indianapolis - DT Anthony 'Booger' McFarland

3rd Round
Cincinnati Bengals forfeits this pick in NFL Supplemental Draft '06 - LB Ahmad Brooks

Denver from Washington in 3 way deal for WR Ashley Lelie who goes to Atlanta and RB T.J.
Duckett moving to Washington. Depending on how the Broncos and Redskins finish in the
final standings, the two teams could exchange 1st round picks outright if Denver has a
lower pick than the Redskins. The teams could flip-flop their 1st round picks and the
Broncos get a 4th round pick in '08 NFL Draft. The teams could flip-flop their 1st
round picks and the Broncos get a 3rd round pick in '08 NFL Draft or they get a 3rd
round pick in '07 draft and a 4th round pick in '08.

4th Round
San Francisco from Washington - WR Brandon Lloyd
Atlanta from Denver - '06 pre-draft trade
Tennessee from Baltimore - QB Steve McNair
San Francisco from the Jets - RB Kevan Barlow (This pick could
escalate depending on his overall statistics and playing time)
New Orleans from Kansas City (RB Michael Bennett)
New Orleans from Philadelphia (WR Donte Stallworth/could escalate to a #3 if Stallworth signs a contract extension with the Eagles.)

5th Round
Oakland from New England - WR Doug Gabriel
St. Louis from Buffalo - DE Anthony Hargrove

6th Round
Tennessee from Indianapolis - 2006 draft-day trade
Kansas City from Dallas - LB Scott Fujita
Detroit from Miami - QB Joey Harrington (May escalate to a #5 pick if he meets certain
conditions in '06 season
Tennessee has this pick from San Diego - QB Billy Volek (This can escalate to a #5 pick
if Volek plays 50% of SD plays this season)

7th Round
Green Bay from NY Jets - OT Steve Morley
NY Jets from Detroit - DB Jon McGraw
Cleveland from San Francisco - QB Trent Dilfer for Ken Dorsey
Dallas from New Orleans - LB Scott Shanle
New England from Arizona - OT Brandon Gorin. This could move up to a 6th
round pick depending on playing time.
Chicago from Cleveland - OL Lenny Friedman
Dallas from the Jets - TE Sean Ryan

Conditional Trades
New Orleans late round pick from Atlanta - OT Wayne Gandy/ Bryan Scott deal
Indianapolis has an undisclosed conditional pick from Baltimore - S - Gerome Sapp
Cincinnati has an undisclosed conitional pick from St. Louis - QB David Ragone
San Fran has an undisclosed conditional pick from Houston - QB Cody Pickett
Denver has an undisclosed conditional pick from Dallas - WR Charlie Adams
Jets have a late pick from Tampa Bay - TE Doug Jolley
Jets have an undisclosed pick from Minnesota - QB Brooks Bollinger
Oakland has an undisclosed pick from the Jets - DE Bobby Hamilton
Baltimore has a conditional pick from Indianapolis - LB Ryan LaCasse (6th rd '06 NFL Draft)

12-17-2006, 09:39 PM
This is another one that should be thumbnailed mods. I won't hold my breath. Just look forward for the dozen or so posts asking the same thing.

12-17-2006, 09:49 PM
the Texans traded their 06 5th rd pick for Eric Moulds. Buffalo used that pick (#134) to draft LSU DT Kyle Williams.

12-24-2006, 02:27 AM
thanks beerlover, that deserves a cold one