View Full Version : Dolphins purchased tapes of N.E. with audio

12-15-2006, 08:12 PM

''It's on TV,'' Saban said. ``You always try to get the other team's cadence. I'm sure they try to get ours, so when you know when a guy's checking off, when he isn't checking off. When a team does as much presnap stuff as they do, you're always trying to find out exactly why they're doing it.''

Saban said it is especially important with a player such as Brady because he is highly skilled at giving new assignments to his offensive linemen once he sees the defense line up.

''He likes to redirect the protection if he sees a blitz coming,'' Saban said. ``Understanding the cadence and knowing what's going on is really important. Sometimes you end up pressuring and you run right into their protection then you have pressure on the cover guys down the field.''

Still, Saban's explanation Monday didn't stop the national media from taking off with the story. Shows such as Around the Horn, Pardon the Interruption and SportsCenter debated whether the Dolphins did anything wrong.

Only one analyst -- former NFL quarterback Sean Salisbury -- thought the league should look into the matter if indeed the Dolphins purchased the videos.

''If it was that easy to get the audio, everyone would be doing it,'' Salisbury said on SportsCenter. ``The NFL needs to look into it. If [the Dolphins] went out and bought a tape in order to get advantage, that's cheating. The NFL would have to step in. If you're going to purchase bootleg videos, it's cheating.''

Replied ESPN reporter John Clayton: ``That's just good coaching on the part of the Dolphins.''

Is N.E. griping? why is this such a big story?

12-17-2006, 06:10 PM
unfortuntaly we couldn't get any tapes of the bills' line calls.