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12-15-2006, 05:50 PM

The Bryn Mawr Film Institute, located in the wealthy suburbs just west of Philadelphia, holds Open Screen Mondays each month. The mini-festivals at the historic theatre are an important destination for independent filmmakers and local cinemaphiles. Directors screen short trailers or clips of their films-in-progress, then engage the audience in question-and-answer sessions.

In November, Tim Carr arrived at BMFI with a brief trailer for a most unusual film. The trailer began with a shot of a football player running across the field. Then, backlit by a cloud-dappled sky, a quarterback throws a long pass. Title cards tell the story: In 1998, he signed a contract worth 31.25 million dollars. He became the first rookie quarterback since 1983 to win his first two starts.

The scene switches to black and white. The quarterback is alone on the bench. His uniform number 16 can now clearly be seen. He stands, rips off his helmet, and throws it to the ground in disgust. A close-up shows the helmet rolling on the turf. Another title card: Hes a nightmare you cant even imagine, former teammate Rodney Harrison.

In color again, the camera zooms behind the quarterback as he gazes out at the autumn sky. The name on the jersey fills the screen: Leaf.

Carr knew that football fans would be immediately familiar with the films subject: Ryan Leaf, one of the greatest busts in NFL history. But he was gambling with the independent film crowd. After the trailer, several audience members asked questions about his film: Leaf: An Almost True Story. A Russian viewer with no knowledge of Leaf or American football in general found the trailer fascinating. I knew then that it might have an audience among the indie crowd, Carr said of his latest labor of love.

Carr knew that he could move forward. Leaf: An Almost True Story is coming in 2007.

12-15-2006, 07:23 PM
disaster flicks always are popular.