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12-14-2006, 09:38 PM
I know there have been some hard losses to swallow, but what were some of the things you guys/gals were expecting in 2006?

12-14-2006, 09:44 PM
we are about where i thought we would be... and next year were going to be about a .500 team. the only good thing about a sucky team is there is nowhere to go but up:twocents:

12-14-2006, 10:35 PM
8-8:aikido: :ok:

12-14-2006, 10:43 PM
I can't remember

Heath Shuler
12-14-2006, 10:50 PM
6 & 10

12-14-2006, 10:50 PM
Terribly optimistic. I had us at 11-5... :hides:

hot pickle
12-14-2006, 11:00 PM
i told my self i would be happy with just more wins, cause that means we got better, but i had hoped for 6-10, or 7-9, i can see 6-10 still being possible, but 7-9 would be real hard

12-14-2006, 11:02 PM
4 wins, no more. A better running game too, but you can never call when DD will be hurt.

12-14-2006, 11:06 PM
My expectations ululated like a raft in a hurricane. The Miami expectation seems about right. I didn't think we could win two games after our sickening 0-3 start. Then our rooks started playing better, the D started playing better, and we learned to win without depending on the passing game.

12-14-2006, 11:14 PM
<heavy sigh>

I thought we'd fall somewhere between 6-10 and 8-8. Thought we'd sweep the Tacks. Thought we'd split with the Jags.

Thought we'd draft Reggie Bush.

Never thought we'd hit a homerun like we did with DeMeco Ryans.

It all evens out in the end, I suppose.

</heavy sigh>

12-14-2006, 11:20 PM
We are just about where I believed we would be.

Double Barrel
12-14-2006, 11:26 PM
Hoped for 8-8, but expected 5-6 wins. We could still win another one this season.

12-14-2006, 11:29 PM
Hoped for 8-8, but expected 5-6 wins. We could still win another one this season.

Yeah, there's the Browns.

12-15-2006, 03:24 AM
I thought we could reach 6-10. But with the Pat's & Colts up next, I don't think that will happen. I do think the team has played better overall this year. We've lost alot of close games this year. To me it seems like this team plays harder than last years & they don't seem to give up like last years. But I'm sure we all hope for me.

12-15-2006, 07:14 AM
I expected our defense to keep vy in check and not let him run a 40 for 6 on us. That is some hard stuff right there. Next year I will expect the same thing plus keep bush in check.

12-15-2006, 07:31 AM
I expected 5-6 wins, hoped for 6, since the over/under in Vegas was 5.5 games. We can still get there, but it's highly unlikely now. I expected a bit more out of the offensive line, but injuries have hit hard. Carr was doing a lot better earlier in the year when the O-line wasn't quite as dinged, even though they weren't stellar at the time. Unfortunately, when Carr was doing OK, the defense was terrible (to historical proportions). The defense has progressed, which is nice to see, but the offense has regressed as the injuries have piled up. A couple nice waiver wire pickups in Dalton and Maddox have kept the defense somewhat respectable (man, our standards are low .... /sigh).

Overall, about where we are now.

El Tejano
12-15-2006, 07:40 AM
I thought 5-11 to 8-8.

12-15-2006, 07:43 AM
If the defense hadn't been as bad early on as it was, or if the team had a few less injuries....

I really thought an 8-8 season was achievable. I didn't think last year's team was as bad as the record they produced. I thought the play was uninspired last year because the boys had had enough of Dom, Fangio, and company.

This year I see a lot of desire, heart, and no quit in this team. That's encouraging, but they keep coming up short.

It would be nice if they could make the playoffs next year, but that is probably also a pipe dream. There is no telling what this team is going to look like next year. If McNair agreed to skip the "traditional" player introductions, then he probably realizes he has at least one player (and I'm not going to start with that) that has worn his welcome here on both sides of the ball.

12-15-2006, 07:55 AM
I said at the beginning of the season 4/12, but I did not expect us to own the Jags this year. WTG Texans, we do own a team, rather they like it or not...

12-15-2006, 08:00 AM
I said at the beginning of the season 4/12, but I did not expect us to own the Jags this year. WTG Texans, we do own a team, rather they like it or not...

I have to say that, no matter what else happens, it puts a really big smile on my face when we beat the Jags :shades:

When we beat other teams, I am happy, but it's not like beating the Jags!

12-15-2006, 08:16 AM
I have to say that, no matter what else happens, it puts a really big smile on my face when we beat the Jags :shades:

When we beat other teams, I am happy, but it's not like beating the Jags!

I don't like beating any team more than the Titans, but I can tell our guys get really angry when they play the Jags. I don't know what has happened out there these last 5 years, but these two teams really hate each other!

Jacksonville probably hates it that we have Battle Red Day just about every time they come to town.

12-15-2006, 09:58 AM
I had expected 6 wins. But, mainly I was hoping to see clear signs of improvement over the course of the year. I feel like I've been seeing improvement on defense, but not really on offense.

12-15-2006, 12:38 PM
Expecations for this year?

To be happy Casserly and Capers are no longer leading this team - check.
To have an intertaining season, moreso than last year - check.
To have a good draft and start building a quality team - check.
To finish 8-8 plus / minus a game - doubtful.
To win one game at least vs. Colts, Titans, Jags - one more chance to be close.
To enjoy tailgating and the game day experience overall once again - check.

12-15-2006, 01:01 PM
Record wise I predicted an 8-8 season

Didn't predict DD being lost for the season though

Didn't predict Carr stinking up the place...I was pulling for him but I can't take it anymore, he has to step aside.

I expected for us to be competitive giving us a chance to win most of our games but falling just short.

I didn't expect our defense to start off this bad but they have battled back and seem to be on the right track...we just need to solidify out secondary with a bona-fide #2 and a Veteran Free safety...

I did expect Vince to show us up and he did...

I fell into the trap that Mario was going to be the 2nd coming of Reggie White

But when it is all said and done...I am still a Texans fan but we can't pass up AP if he's available...I don't care Kubes if you did it in Denver...these aren't the Broncos...you have to build this team up!

12-15-2006, 01:07 PM
I was really expecting 6-7 wins this year. I like that our D seems to be coming around, but I expected a little more out of our Offense. I know all the injuries have really hurt us again, but every team has to deal with injuries.

It's going to be interesting to see what Smith and Kubiak do this offseason now that they have been through a whole season with the team.

12-15-2006, 01:13 PM

12-15-2006, 01:26 PM
4-6 wins realistically. More coming together as a team. The massive number of injuries blindsided me. I also thought the fan base would come together. Stupid me.

12-15-2006, 01:31 PM


I was expecting a huge turnaround this season, kinda like San Diego had when they went 12-4 after coming out of a losing season.

Didn't expect the offense to really struggle as it has.

El Tejano
12-15-2006, 01:36 PM
I had expected 6 wins. But, mainly I was hoping to see clear signs of improvement over the course of the year. I feel like I've been seeing improvement on defense, but not really on offense.

That my friend is where you should be happy though. If you notice, our draft and our FA was heavily in favor of getting the defense to improve first.

12-15-2006, 01:54 PM
I was expecting about 5 to 6 wins. With all the injuries we've suffered this season I'm a bit surprised we actually have a decent chance of reaching that mark.

12-15-2006, 01:54 PM
I lean towards the optimistic in most things related to Texans football so obviously that means I routinely get my hopes dashed. No big deal though.

I expected them to win between 8 and 10 games and if you look at how many close, hard to swallow losses we had in there during the middle stretch of the season you can see that we weren't real far away from reaching the bottom end of my expectations. A few fumbles don't happen and the defense comes up with a few key stops and we're 8-5 right now. Things didn't go our way though and honestly, in the long run I think that's better because our team really isn't that good yet (blinding flash of the obvious) and I'd rather we not win a bunch of close fluke games and get the expectations too high without being able to back it up in the following seasons.

Next season we won't have the monster blowouts in the first few weeks like we did this year. We'll also win some more of those close games that we lost this time around.

I expected our defense to gel quicker than it did. I think I overestimated the talent in our secondary (particularly at the safety spots).

I also expected David Carr to look better over the second half of the season than he has this year. Obviously we aren't playing the kind of offense many of us expected to see this year and I credit a lot of that with offensive line injuries. For that matter I expected our offensive line to play better than they have. I had put a lot of stock in the problem being system and coaching based. Clearly we're less talented than I'd hoped we were. Obviously we're not as deep as I thought we were.

I think next year, barring another wave of injuries on the line we will see better play from the QB position and we will see a little more aggressive offense (regardless of whether it's Carr or someone else taking the snaps). I think that the offense will still struggle at times so throwing a rookie QB in there will be a bad idea. If we draft one I hope he sits for a season.

I expected Ron Dayne to do a lot of what he has been doing the past couple of weeks. I expected him to give us Domanick Davis or better type numbers. Maybe that was hopelessly optimistic of me but I didn't allow for his toe injury and I didn't allow for the time it would take him to get into some semblence of playing shape. I hope we re-sign him next season because I think he can be a very serviceable back in this system. Nothing spectacular mind you but very serviceable. I think he's a 1,200-1,300 runner behind an improved line next season.

I expected too much out of Gary Kubiak. He's made a lot of mistakes that I didn't expect him to make. I think he made a mistake when he sent Morency to Green Bay and I think he made a mistake when he failed to keep Seth Wand. I think he should have tried to find a way to hold on to Benny Joppru as well. He hasn't managed games as well as I thought he would and he's put a little too much faith in players with a Denver connection. I think he's learning though and expect him to get better.

12-15-2006, 02:06 PM
6 and 10.

Figured we'd beat Tennessee twice and Jags once. Definetly didn't count the Miami win.

12-15-2006, 03:11 PM
I did not have a 'win' prediction. Instead, I wanted to see a new philosophy with the team that no longer placed an emphasis on 'coaching not to lose.'

I expected Kubiak and Capers to be as different as night and day but--unfortunately--they are very similar. They both only use a portion of their play book and have 'zero' vertical passing game. They both keep Carr on a short leash. However, they both make promises they don't keep and both have favorite words--'execute', 'missed opportunities,etc.'

...bottom line, I expected Kubiak to do more with the offense and Carr, especially in scoring points...

12-15-2006, 03:46 PM
"I think he made a mistake when he sent Morency to Green Bay"

...very good post! The above quote, IMO, is 'akin' to the quote, 'the straw that broke the camel's back.' Morency, though not Green Bay's primary back, has the best ypc of any back on the Pack, the Texans, or just about anyone in the NFL at a 4.6 clip @ 72 carries---same his true with his rec yds.

Trading Morency makes even less sense when you consider the guy we traded him for is on the bench---and what about Chris Taylor--will he ever get a single carry? Scenario--last play of our last game this yr and we have the ball on our 1 foot line--4 pts down, with only time for one play...it's a hand off to Taylor who breaks 9 tackles on his 99 yd 'jaunt' for the winning score...what is Kubiak thinking at that moment????

12-15-2006, 03:54 PM
Honestly, I didnt expect too much this year. I figured we would win 5 or maybe 6 games.

I expected our offense to be a bit better than it has been (mostly because I didn't think David Carr would be struggling as much as he is). I figured our running game wouldn't be all that great especially after they announced DD was out for the year (RB was one of our biggest weaknesses before we pulled him in the 4th).

Defensively I thought Mario was going to be more dominant (too bad he is injured) and was pleasently surprised with DeMeco (didn't watch much of him in college). As a whole, defensively, it has been worse than I thought it would be. Mostly because I figured our safeties were going to be much better than they have played. CC Brown was looking like he would have atleast a decent year this year but that hasn't happened.

Win wise we are at about what I expected, but overall play wise we are not as good as I expected.

12-15-2006, 04:09 PM
My expectation for this year is for DeMeco Ryans to bring home a Rookie Defensive Player of the Year Award. From what I read, there is a chance Devin Hester could screw that up for himm, but I am hoping for the best. Although he is listed as a defensive corner, all of Hester's recognition comes from his "return numbers".


Ryans has been "Nothing but Iron" in the middle this year for the Texans and if he does not get the recognition he has earned it will be a true injustice. :locked:

12-15-2006, 04:30 PM
I orginally said we'd go 7-9 to 8-8, and they can still get to 7-9. I think we'll finish with my original prediction or 6-10. Either way, I view this season as a good step for Kubiak to build his type of team.

12-15-2006, 04:30 PM
i was thinking about 8-8

12-15-2006, 05:47 PM
6-10 with rough spots and poor play interspersed with some good moments. Injuries just have magnified how limited we are as a team.