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12-12-2006, 09:11 AM
Kailee Wong - Is he back or not? Is he healthy or not? Will he play next year?

Domanick Davis - Has anyone heard anything from him over the last year? Is he dealing with his pain, or is he planning on retiring?

Charles Spencer - Is this broken leg a career ender, or was Kubiak just acting worst case scenario? Will he be back, will he back the way he was, or is he done?

Seth Payne - Old and injury prone is not a good combination. Too bad they didn't realize that when they cut the Bear. Is he coming back, or is he finished?

Anyone else I didn't list?

12-12-2006, 11:52 AM
Kailee Wong - Heel Injury

Dominick Davis - No idea, consider him gone though

Charles Spencer - Broken Bones do not end careers (except above the shoulders and spines) He will be back.

Seth Payne - we should replace him in Offseason even if he wants to come back, he is a fan favorate around here but his football time is coming to an end.

Edit: Heres the injury report from the press conference.

(on the injuries) “Yeah, let me go through. We have a few. (FS) C.C. Brown, turf toe, probably will be tough and go this week. (FB) Jameel Cook, what we’re going to do with Jameel is we’re going to monitor him the rest of this week and then we’ll probably make a decision on Jameel’s status for the rest of the year, probably about Friday. His knee is a concern, it needs some work done. He could probably muster it up and play for us, but I like what (FB) Vonta (Leach) has done, and I want to make my decision in the best interest of Jameel. You’ll probably hear from me on that one later in the week. (TE) Owen Daniels got his shoulder bruised; he should be okay. (RB) Ronnie Dayne, thigh bruise, he should be okay. (CB Demarcus) Faggins, a concussion; I think he’ll be okay. I think he’ll be alright, he got kicked in the head. (WR) Jerome (Mathis) has a strained groin, so we’ll see. (T) Ephraim is (Salaam) Ephraim; we’ll monitor him and hopefully he’ll keep getting through for us. The two biggest for us are (DE Anthony) Weaver and (DE) Mario (Williams). Both of them (are) really beat up, and we’ll continue to monitor them like we have. I think they’ll both play. We did get some good news on Mario today. They did a new MRI on him today and it did look better than the last one.”

(on whether the MRI was of DE Mario Williams' foot injury) “Yeah, so it did ook better. And (LB) Kailee Wong has a heel (injury). So we may have to alter some things we’re doing this week to make sure we’ve got these guys all in once piece and ready to go on Sunday. We laid it on the line yesterday; left it on the field, and there are some guys really beat up.”

12-12-2006, 12:26 PM
Injury bug seems to be common in the houston area. We need some newe training staff or something