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12-10-2006, 11:44 AM
I'm just curious.

Does anyone here have access to game films? I read a lot of posts in these fora that make comments about one player or another not getting this or that done. While the result is obvious to us all, the reason for that result is not always obvious without the benefit of game film and an understanding of each players' responsibility on a given play. The coaching staff shows us a report card of how the players are doing their job, the guys getting it done in the context of the play called keep their jobs and the guys that aren't don't. There are no reasons (no, not 5,8,10 or 25 million rea$ons) to play a guy that isn't getting it done. If what is being said here is that this guy or that guy doesn't have "heart", or can't pick the right hole, or doesn't get over on a cover two, then what is really being said is "our coaches are so incompetent that they can't see on game film, in practice, and in meeting throughout the week, what I can plainly see on the piss-poor half-the-cameras coverage on CBS". Sounds kind of silly when you hear it like that doesn't it?

So, while it certainly puts a downer on my Sunday when the Texans play poorly (win or lose) I always come away wondering why it happens. I'm not certain that it is any one player. I think the Texans, and a few other teams (Cleveland, Oakland, for example) are still way short on overall talent. I don't believe that any one guy would fix our situation now. We need 10 or 12 guys, not all starters, to raise the overall talent.

I think the guys on the field are the best we've got to do what the coaches want done. They just aren't that good up and down the roster. Look at the Rockets, last year if McGrady had gone out mid fourth quarter in a close game we lose for sure. Not this year though. The supporting cast is just a little bit better than it has been the last two years. THIS is what the Texans need.

I think most of the high-pitched rhetoric in this forum is a carryover from the Casserly/Capers era (they looked so much worse than they do now) and we just haven't calmed down as a football fan base. I hope we calm down soon because the dominant attitudes I see in this forum are the seeds of discontent that brought us empty seats in the 'Dome and eventually a void in my fall schedule which used to be filled with Oiler games. We just can't ever forget how much worse that felt compared to a struggling team.

12-10-2006, 11:49 AM
doubtful since I've checked into getting some game film and haven't had sucess...but this is a place to discuss your opinion of what you see, so when the team isn't good you are going to get some reaction from your fan base. You don't have to be a Chef to know tasty food, nor do you have to be an engineer to enjoy a BMW, so I don't think you have to be some GM or player to have an opinion about a simple game like football. All opinions are welcome here...even some of the funky ones in our dark years.

Silver Oak
12-10-2006, 11:54 AM
Good post Gmurrie.

As much as I enjoy watching Ryans make plays, I sometimes wonder what, if any, plays he might be missing. I'm just using him as an example though.

12-10-2006, 02:30 PM
For the most part, the posters who say they watch film just mean that they watch the games & they say that to make their opinions sound more important.

I dont watch game film but I do tape the games & watch them afterward. Since you dont know what the play calls are it makes it really hard to see who is doing their job & who is not.

That is one of the reasons I dont bash Texans players. Just because a player doesnt make a tackle doesnt mean he wasnt doing his job.

12-10-2006, 04:52 PM
Yo Vinny,

While I understand your analogy about chefs and food/engineers and BMW's... My point was that the opinions aren't valid. My kids don't like Tira Misu, does that mean it's not good? No.

However, I do agree with you that all opinions should be welcome here. I just think the majority here are way over the top. The game is over now and look at the topics list.