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12-07-2006, 02:49 PM
This is a really hard one to predict. It could be tight, it could be explosive, but either way I think the key to it lies in which team does the better job of exploiting the other's weaknesses.

PASSING GAME: The Texans have far better receivers and the Titans have (arguably) the better QB. From a Texan point of view I'd like to see plenty of plays called to whoever Reynaldo Hill is covering. The guy has been shaky all year and has given up big yardage to a few good quality WRs. Thankfully, we have two of those and Andre is bound to draw the double team through much of the game. If we can catch Lamont Thompson out of position on some medium to deep passing plays and either one of our wideouts alone with Hill then we could potentially put up yards in bunches. I suspect that the Titans will be bringing a lot of pressure on David Carr at every opportunity, but if our O-Line can force them to bring extra guys in to achieve this then hopefully we can utilise our TE's down the middle and start to steadily move the chains.

IMO, this is the key battle for the passing game: whether our league-worst O-Line can withstand their dismal pass rush. It's a battle of two seriously underachieving units and whoever shows up biggest on the day could well decide the game for their team.

Similarly, with the Titans passing game, Vince is a good QB and - in years to come - looks like he will become a great QB. As it is though, he's still making plenty of rookie mistakes and we really need to exploit that. Our D-Line is badly beaten up but we do still have potent pass rushers in the mix and we need them to be effective. Vince seems a little too eager to make the big play sometimes and he tends to throw into heavy coverage if pushed to do so. That's what we need to do. We need to keep him in the pocket and restrict the space he has to work with. Their O-Line is inexperienced, just like ours, but the experienced players they DO have in there are of a far higher quality than ours (Olsen and Mawae in particular). They'll leave gaps through the course of the game though and it's vital that we punch through them to force some turnovers and restrict the time Vince has to find the gaps that will inevitably be left in our understaffed secondary.

RUNNING GAME: This falls on our O-Line. We have runners in both Lundy and Gado who can make yards if the yards are there to be had and the Tennessee rush defense is bad. If we can open some holes in their iffy D-Line, pile up some yards against them and wear them down then we saw what Ron Dayne can actually do to a team that's starting to tire last week. I've been calling for head from the outset, but this is the reason he was brought in in the first place. This is what he did in Denver and although it was against the Raiders last week, the Titans aren't that much better against the run. If things slot into place I could see us putting 150yds+ past the Titans on Sunday.

On the other side of the ball, our rush defense has just been getting better and better through the season, and the Titans O-Line isn't that great, so I think it'll be a bad day for Travis Henry. Or at least I hope it will be.

Adding all that up, if our O-Line can open a few holes for our runners and create an actual pocket for David Carr to work in, then our offense should be able to score points on these guys. They're up against a very poor pass rush, so if they're going to do it against anybody then it will be here and now.

In short then:
DEFENSE: Keep doing what we did last week. Stifle the run, force the pass, bring pressure on an inexperienced QB and don't let him pull a Losman on us.

OFFENSE: Keep it simple, look for single coverage by Hill on either WR and look for gaps for OD when they bring the heat. As such, we need to force them to actually bring that heat. If they can collapse the pocket without committing extra players then we're in big trouble.
If we can keep their defense on the field, wear them down and let big Ron fall on them a few times to round out the game then I predict another hard fought win for the Texans. :aikido: :yes:

12-07-2006, 02:56 PM
my God, he sacked York!

12-10-2006, 06:28 AM
my God, he sacked York!

Indeed he did.