View Full Version : If QBs are judged by wins and losses

Erratic Assassin
12-04-2006, 08:01 PM
Then Carr proved he is a winner this week!

I hope this illustrates the absurdity of the "Carr is a loser because he's never won anything."

Football is a team sport. QB's don't single-handedly win games or lose them.

12-04-2006, 08:17 PM
What I like is the fact when he messes up and comes back to the sideline it not a pat on the back and we will get them next time no it looks like Kubes is just ripping him a new one. Would it have been different if we had not gotten injured on the line Spencer had all year to grow like Ryans I think so. I know a good QB can play good regardless of what is thrown at him but he is still learning and I know you all hate hearing that but really if VY was back there right now with that line he would not be any better he might end up running more than he is now but would end up hurt. I honestly do not believe that even Payton would have been worth the #&$* yesterday with our line and the Raiders D in the backfield with that said I do not put it all on the line DC should have took better care of the ball he should take the defense and ST out to dinner for bailing him out. If it makes anybody feel better he was better than Grossman.

12-04-2006, 10:31 PM
No but they do make a difference.

As does a LT, a WR a RB and all the positions. The skill positions like WR, RB, QB and LT have a greater individual effect if they do poorly, but seldom does one individual either win or lose a game all by them selves. Yes, it does happen on occassion, but not like some like to pretend about the QB positon being soley responsible. It's a team sport and ALL members have to do their jobs well to be effective. Right now, our QB is playing up and down, but is a long way from being the biggest problem on the team.