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12-04-2006, 12:47 PM
I have to say I am very excited for the future on defense. We have a great core of players with Mario,Demeco and Duanta that I feel are capable of raising the bar of play here for years to come. But I have been having this vision for how much better this unit could be with a couple key under the rader additions. The texans have money to spend on the cap and thats even before we cut anyone.

In free agecy there are two players I feel the front office should make a strong push for. The first is 26 y/o CB-Ashante Samuel, a vastly underrated playmaking CB out of New England, him added Duante would make for a very young dyanmic opportunistic duo for years to come. Combine that with Petey being able to shift back to his nickle CB position the Texans would be a much improved and maybe feared secondary. The second player 27 y/o DT-Terdell Sands of the Oakland Raiders. If you watched the game on Sunday you noticed him constantly get pressure on Carr and make stops behing the LOS in the run game. The man is huge 6'7 335 and is really athletic for a his size. placing him with Mario on our line would really boost our run defense and also add a key double team clog allow Demeco roam more freely to the ball carrier. Add that with the interior push he can provide it will allow Mario to see less double teams in pass protection ala Kris Jenkins for Julius peppers.


12-04-2006, 01:03 PM
1st is Sands a RFA or URFA?
2nd alot of posters on the board like Clements from the bills and we have Moulds that may be able to help with that deal.
3rd I like the idea of Briggs from the Bears mans all over the field just like DeMeco would love to see those two get after some people.
4th theres alot of talk right now in Redskins country that thay may cut Adam Archuleta at the end of the season. Liked him with the Rams and he is basicly a linebacker that plays saftey and he can blitze.

12-04-2006, 01:57 PM
Sands is a URFA, Cement and Briggs are going to demand a heavy contract cause the lack of big names in this years free agency. Archuleta is horrible in every aspect of being a safety he wiffs on tackles and his coverage is so bad the Redskins benched him in favor of 38 y/o Troy Vincent which they just acquired midseason of the waiver wire cause archulata play was so bad.