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12-03-2006, 07:07 PM
I think AJ and Kubiak had words near the end of the game because AJ was not getting the ball. I dont blame Kubiak for giving up on the pass, there was no protection and Carr looked shell shocked like he did in the his first season.


Does this team and others call these screens because they might have a lack of a running game? I saw a lot of set up screen plays and Im not sure if where I had heard it but someone mentioned you do that if you have no running game.

12-03-2006, 07:37 PM
I was very much afraid of this game, because Oakland was a great passing defense team and a poor run defense team. They should have won the game because our HC played right into their hands. The run game had to work today if we were going to win this game. When Kubiak finally went to it we had some success. We won this game with special teams play and defense. The other team was simply more incompetent than we were. I think Kubiak is an extemely poor game planner and play caller. Keep watching you may eventually realize what I'm saying is true.....

12-03-2006, 07:54 PM
I kinda agree, the team cannot adjust in the 3rd quarter. Hopefully Kubiak will improve for next year.

12-03-2006, 07:57 PM
kubiak's playcalling has been horribly plain all year- we have 0 imagination on offence-all te's, fb's, rb's...

12-03-2006, 08:02 PM
Man, these teams are so bad I couldn't stand to analyze the game beyond the thought the Raiders were either trying to lose or GROSSLY incompetent

12-03-2006, 08:02 PM
I gotta go with the horrible play calling and game-planning. There have been 2 games we've lost this year due to bad playcalling/clock management. Kubes has looked overwhelmed a lot this season. I'll give him a year to adjust and we've had some terrible luck with injuries.

12-03-2006, 08:30 PM
Like I said during the game thread whoever is in charge of the offense, sucks. I don't know if it's all Kubiak or all Calhoun, or a combination. Whatever it is though they are really messing things up. It feels like our offense is getting stale and easy to read. When the season first started I was excited hearing comments by various people talking about a variety of options in our plays. How there would always be something available. Now I feel very naive in having believed that. Sure there are alot of options, but from what I've seen they're always in the same play. It's no longer just the play-calling I question, but the team preparation in general. Every deep ball we've thrown has come on a go route. It's like our coaching staff doesn't know what a deep crossing pattern or deep slant's are. You saw it plenty of times in today's game where Carr would look in the receivers direction and was ready to throw, but didn't because of something he saw. We're at a disadvantage because whe can't see what routes our guys are running, but we always go to the same play. Quick slant or deep out to AJ. The combination of routes our WR's are running are just not cutting it. Yet we do the same exact thing week after week expecting better results. Same thing with all our offense. What the hell is Kubiak thinking with the reverse play in the game. The ends are told to watch for the bootleg which goes to the backside and for some crazy reason you call the play that'll send A.J. straight to the guy that's been showing contain on that side all day. The offensive coaching whoever it may be is really bad. Our half-time adjustments are just..... oh wait I forgot our coaching staff doesn't do half-time adjustments on the offensive side. I'm glad that we won, but at the same time this team's future is not bright right now.

12-03-2006, 08:43 PM
Does this team and others call these screens because they might have a lack of a running game? I saw a lot of set up screen plays and Im not sure if where I had heard it but someone mentioned you do that if you have no running game.

One reason to call a screen play is to take advantage of a defense's aggression. If a defense is overcommitting in an area, a screen can exploit that. Our screens never seem to work as well as other teams', but then again none of our plays seem to.

12-03-2006, 08:51 PM
is it the play calling or the players execution?

12-03-2006, 09:05 PM
is it the play calling or the players execution?

Probably a little of the playcalling and a lot of the players. Player ability determines what plays can be called by the coaches, but it's not like this staff hasn't made mistakes calling plays. They have. The offensive line is so bad that certain plays just can't be run. The QB is convinced the line won't protect him, so he dumps off quicker than he probably should. The WRs aren't the best route runners. AJ never seems to find that soft spot in the zone that you see players like Harrison and Holt doing. The tight end's a rookie, so he's undoubtedly limited in what he can grasp at full speed somewhat. Plus, the TE position is called upon to stay in for protection at times. The running backs are all mediocre at best this year. Lundy has the excuse of being a rookie. At the end of the day, this offense just isn't good enough to execute a full playbook. The coaches have made their fair share of gaffes as well, like clock management, naked bootlegs when the defense has been keying on it, and running playaction with no run game and then abandoning playaction once the run game starts working.

Just my observations ..... :twocents:

12-03-2006, 10:52 PM
The team wasn't a real good team to start the year and very short on talent and depth. The more the injuries mounted, the more pedestrian the play calling has become. Good teams would be hard pressed to sustain the loss of both starting tackles and the starting center. That is the death kneel for a poor team. Bad line play has caused the short air game and that in turn causes more people in a condensed field, sort of like the endzone. Not much room to manuver and lots of folks around to stop runs and Yac. Also, what is it with our WR not getting any seperation.