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11-28-2006, 09:19 PM
Look, the offense cannot run the ball they are basically done. As I watched the game Sunday, I couldn't help but wonder what difference a healthy Dominack Davis would have made. I know, ' if's and buts ' and all that..

Kubiak has said himself that everything he does on offense is predicated off of running the ball. Sunday they could not run it and we see the results.

Despite the fact that David Carr made one bad throw - admittedly it helped turn the tide - he will again be the whipping boy by those skin deep Texan fans with only a cursorey knowledge of the game and perhaps thats being kind. Its those fans who always seem to be the most vocal (the same as the local barber or cab driver who knows exactly how to run the country).

The offense was bad Sunday, once again and despite his numbers Carr was nothing special. Not special and not specially horrible. I am as sick and tired of the 3 yard dump off's...the screen passes that never seem to go anywhere...the question we are all screaming is WHY???? What the hell are we trying to prove to anybody with AJ on one side and Moulds on the other and still lets throw slants and outs, its getting ridiculous folks, and I speak for many others when I say "Carr just throw it at least 3 times more than 20-30 yards", in the air that is.:dance3:

The aforementioned vocal minority will of course in that shrill voice yell, "Its that bust of a quarterback we have!! DAVID CARR! It's all HIS fault! :challenge

If there is so much as a grain of truth to that then Gary Kubiak should be fired immediately and never get another job in the NFL ever again. If that is indeed the case then he has lied to us all. The season ticket holders, of which I am one, should be refunded their money with interest. If Kubiak is calling these short passes because that is as far as his confidence in Carr goes then he is a fraud and should be fired. Have I said that enough? Sage Rosenfels has shown to be adept in running this offense and should get some snaps at the very least.

:secret: But I don't believe that to be the case.

The short passes are the result of a suspect running game and an equally suspect offensive line. Yes the sacks are down, but as Gr8 is so quick to point out, it ain't all in the numbers. Our pass protection is still bad and the short passes are being called to save Carr further pounding. Losing Charles Spencer was a huge blow to this offense. ONE time I counted a seven step drop was called and Carr was immediately swarmed by defenders. A sight we have seen way to often in 4 1/2 years.

We have one stud player on the defensive line - a rookie who happens to be our best, and really only, pass rusher. Mario was the one responsible for Maddox's sack. :mario2:

We have one linebacker who is anything special, and one defensive back who should be a starter in the NFL. The building blocks are present on this team, but the project is still a year or two away from completion. After days like Sunday it seems an eternity..

11-28-2006, 10:12 PM
Look guys, things could be worse. As bad as we played Sunday, at least the franchise has some sort of direction.

Next year in the first round I think we must go RB, its what has to be done. We need a guy that can carry the rock 25-30 a game. Now in the second you look at QB, J. Russell from LSU has all the physical tools, there is Brohm and a few others that would really fit well for your team. Now in FA we must fix the secondary as much as possible. Both safeties need to be replaced, no doubt. I was the one that said to draft def. first a month ago, but our team flat out needs a new look at QB and RB. As a truthful fan, Carr will never win this team a Super Bowl so just let him go, it could go a long way of bringing the fans together. I still say hold on to see after this season but as far as it's looking yea like I said draft a QB.

Take it from a real Texans fan, the worse the team gets, the better the good times feel.