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11-13-2006, 12:55 PM

READ through the article and find out all the reasons they lost, its not because we smoked them:shades: .
Baffling, bumbling loss

Offensive miscues result in costly loss

By VITO STELLINO, The Times-Union

The Jaguars dropped the ball and the game Sunday.

With their wide receivers seemingly playing with butterfingers against the feisty Houston Texans, the Jaguars turned the ball over four times in a frustrating 13-10 loss at Alltel Stadium.

Quarterback David Garrard, in his third consecutive start since he replaced Byron Leftwich, threw four interceptions, but two went through the hands of Matt Jones and Ernest Wilford dropped two other passes.

In a game featuring a lot of trash talking and a few controversial calls, the Jaguars also were guilty of several ill-timed penalties, two by wide receiver Reggie Williams in the fourth quarter.

"[What] should have been catch-and-runs turned into drops and interceptions,'' lamented coach Jack Del Rio.

Added defensive lineman Paul Spicer: "I always say that if we play the way we know how to play, no team in the league can beat us. But you can't turn the ball over. When you do, you're putting yourself in the L column.''

The Jaguars also showed a lack of poise late in the game when Reggie Williams started screaming at a fan and had to be calmed down by Wilford.

"I wanted him to focus on the game,'' Wilford said. "He's Reggie. I love him to death. We've still got to do some maturing.''

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The Jaguars played without starting left tackle Khalif Barnes, who was deactivated after his arrest on a DUI charge early Saturday morning, but Dennis Norman played well in his place.

The Jaguars' second loss in four weeks to the 3-6 Texans may come back to haunt them as they compete in a crowded AFC wild card chase. They play four of their final seven games against teams with winning records.

The Texans, who have posted six of the 21 victories in team history over the Jaguars, swept them for the second time in the past three seasons and then suggested they're the new bully of the Jaguars.

"They're a very physical team, but we're physical also,'' Texans cornerback Dunta Robinson said. "And when you're used to pounding other teams and someone comes back and pounds on you, it's like Mike Tyson was. He was a bully, but when someone went blow for blow with him, he was surprised by it. I'm not saying anything negative about them physically. It's not something they're used to.''

Quarterback David Carr couldn't resist a needle, saying: "I was looking for a broom before I came in here because of all the trash talking that was going on from one organization. It was sweet to get this because they really felt they had some excuses for the last time we beat them. Maybe this excuse was that we were playing at 1 o'clock. We just wanted to show them that the first time we beat them wasn't a fluke.''

Running back Fred Taylor, who had guaranteed the Jaguars would win this one, said, "I still don't back down from the comments I made. Every true warrior and champion has to expect to win. I was expecting to win.''

"He was disrespectful,'' said Texans defensive end N.D. Kalu. "A comment like that tests your manhood. We took it personally.''

The Texans scored a touchdown on their first possession and added a field goal for a 10-0 lead that was set up when Garrard was hit when he released the ball and Morton Greenwood intercepted it.

The teams then traded field goals and Houston took a 13-3 lead heading into the fourth quarter.

The Jaguars appeared ready to score a touchdown when Maurice Drew ran inside the Houston 5-yard line early in the fourth quarter. But Reggie Williams was called for holding and Garrard threw an interception on the next play.

"I didn't grab his jersey at all,'' Williams said.

After the Jaguars scored a touchdown to cut the margin to 13-10, an offensive pass interference penalty on Williams wiped out a 37-yard pass to Cortez Hankton and forced the Jaguars to punt with 2:05 remaining.

"We just ran into each other,'' Williams said. "I thought he was impeding my progress.''

Countered the Texans' Robinson: "I'm not saying it wasn't [offensive] pass interference, but I do think I should have been nominated for an Oscar [for falling down].''

The Texans then ran out the clock after they converted a fourth-and-inches at their 41. The Jaguars' first home loss of the season dropped them to 5-4.

"The only way you get rid of a sick feeling that you get when you lose close games like that is by going back to work,'' Del Rio said.

11-13-2006, 04:04 PM

READ through the article and find out all the reasons they lost, its not because we smoked them:shades: .

I think that statement by David was probably the best he has ever made. Fires me up. Kindly stated professionally without name calling. I love it.:marionaner:

11-13-2006, 06:18 PM
The jags lost because we own them. Our defense is looking better and better every week. I do like the quote from DC but I like the one where he told byron Leftwitch to cry about it the most. Hope he will be playing next week.

11-13-2006, 08:23 PM
Give them a quarter so the can call 1-800-waa-waaaa to talk to someone who might give a crap what their excuses are.