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10-24-2006, 12:31 PM
how many more wins will it take for people to say wow they are ok. im off today and all i hear on nfln is the big fat guy saying that houston isnt good. and how the jags played poorly.not that texans improved but jags played bad. wtf is that. we forced them to do bad, give respect where it is due.

10-24-2006, 12:33 PM
I think a .500 season will change that. 8-8 would be huge!

10-24-2006, 12:34 PM
If you are waiting for the "respect" of the the likes of ESPN... dont hold your breath. They have an East Coast bias that is sadly obvious. They will never like the Texans, nor the Cowboys for that matter.

Us not taking Reggie Bush was just icing on the cake. I say **** them.

10-24-2006, 12:41 PM
:lightbulb: haha goo dpoint they are pretty bias o well. i thnk if we win 2 out of 3 on the road especially i it means 4 in a row i think their ears perk up....

10-24-2006, 12:53 PM
Not worried about respect from others. A win over the Titans, "well, VY is new". Win 2 out of 3, "well, the other teams were injured". Take 8-8 this season (my range at the beginning of the season) - the Texans will gain their OWN fans respect, or at least moreso and the excuses may be minimalized with the organization's first non-losing season.... of course non-winning either, but that's beside the point.

If they.... WHEN they finish out the season strong, that's when the Texans won't be as much of the negative news source and may even go towards the "not mentioned much" franchise because they're quietly getting the job done.

Double Barrel
10-24-2006, 01:59 PM
The question really depends on whose respect you're looking for. Houston fans will have great respect if we go .500 this year...maybe even some of the local media would jump on that bandwagon, too.

But as far as national media goes...I think it'll be awhile before they look at us as anything but that lowly expansion team that blew the draft pick in 2006. It's just the way things are with those talking heads.

10-24-2006, 02:07 PM
If we win two of three on this road trip, we'll get a lot of credit. There's always gonna be some analysts that can't get off the past, but then again there's always some guy who gripes about any team being overrated, no matter how good.

Two of three means we're threatening for 2nd in the division.

Two of three means we're looking at 4-5 with 4 games left against teams in the bottom quarter of the league.

Two of three means we should be expecting 9-7 and aiming for 10-6.

10-24-2006, 02:15 PM
When we win the division, we'll start to get some serious respect. So basically, not this year.

10-24-2006, 02:37 PM
The guy is right, the Jags played very badly, particularly Lefty, but that doesn't mean that we didn't play better, because .....we did. The question is, how much of our better play is directly attributable to their playing badly and IMO, it's about 50%. We played better, but not as well as it may have seemed.