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10-22-2006, 05:47 PM
Our Houston Texans defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars today on a final score of 27-7. Our record improved to 2-4.

I thought our Texans fought hard. We showed tremendous emotion, determination, and battle. As a result, we got one of the biggest wins we have had in a while, and it was well earned. Both sides of the ball played very well today.

Offensively, I thought we played well. We had a few nice drives in the first half, and got a second quarter Touchdown and Field Goal by Kris Brown. We were down their in the first quarter but Kris unfortunately missed the FG.

In the second half, our offense started off with two stragiht 3 and out's, so that wasn't to nice to see, but in the 4th quarter following a big turnover caused by the defense our offense put together a key touchdown drive, that was very encouraging. A few minuted later, following another defensive turnover, our offense scored another Touchdown and that really gave us a huge lead.

Overall offensively today, hell of a job. My hat goes off to the entire offensive line, Wali Lundy who really stepped up with nearly 100 yards, Gado picked up some solid yardage at times, and the Carr to Johnson connection was in sync today, great job by both those players. Great offensive job today!

In terms of the defense, I honestly can not say enough about their performance today. Hell of a job. We shut them out in the first half. We came out in the second half in the third quarter and Jacksonville put together a very nice drive running it right over us and earning a Touchdown, but our defense really rose to the challenge after this.

A couple drivers after Jacksonville's Touchdown drive, they were driving down the field on us again, put Antwaan Peek stepped up, stripped Fred Taylor and Mario Williams recovered. This is my mind was the play of the game, it really swong the momentum around which was all in Jacksonville's favor, it gave our offense the ball back and they scored.

The very next possesion for Jacksonville, our defense did it again on their first play. I think it was Petey Faggins who made the strip after a 15 yard or so reception, it was great to see that, and Greenwood recovered. This impressed me so much. I was very proud to see our defense on a mission today, and make just huge plays.

I have always though this defense can be really good for us someday with these players, coaches and the new 4-3 scheme and boy did they show that today. I'm so proud of them, they played their butt off all game and again, just made some huge, huge plays.

Overall today, for the entire team, I'm so proud. Many predicted us to get handed a loss easily to the tough Jacksonville Jaguars, as they are a sound football team espically defensively, they were coming off a bye week, etc. None of that seemed to matter to our players today.

We fought hard with emotion in those red jerseys all day long. Fans did a great job of supporting us, great job to my fellow fans. Our Texans also bounced back from a big loss to Dallas last week, and produced a big win.

We have now won 2 of our last 3, and have Tennessee next up on the menu in their house.

Let's celebrate this win by our Texans tonight, then get back to the grinding next week in preperation for those Tennessee Titans.

GO TEXANS!!! :gotexans1

10-22-2006, 05:50 PM
But we should still start Sage...and why didnt we draft Reggie? We're gonna suck forever

10-22-2006, 05:57 PM
That game kicked ass.

I can't believe some of our fans ... who leaves early during a win? Sissies. I pay to see wins and I stayed until the very end to soak up the moment.

I was very impressed by the heart and fire I saw on both sides of the ball today. That said, if Leftwich could hit an open receiver, this game might have gone very differently.

We were fortunate Leftwich sucked and other than that we looked like a professional team out there today. We capitalized bigtime on their turnovers, protected the ball, did a pretty good job spreading the field and churning out yards on offense, and -- despite a relative lack of QB pressure -- played some pretty tough, inspired defense.

I was very, very proud to be a Texan today. Back to tape and to the practice field -- we still have many things to address and improve (like getting Carr to throw to the middle of the field) -- but this was one of the greatest if not greatest games I have had the privilege of attending. We poured it on the end, played pretty disciplined ball the whole way, and our defense looked much better. A thorough shalacking from start to finish and I felt there was a lot of heart on display today.

P.S. I never thought I'd say this, but damn, it was good to see Petey Faggans (and Kailee Wong!) back. Congrats to Wali Lundy -- we've needed you to play like you did today, guy.

10-22-2006, 06:00 PM
Great write up. This should quiet down the "Carr is not a leader" and "Carr's stats are products of trash time" advocates, but alas, it won't.

10-22-2006, 06:06 PM
I thought Carr had a pretty good game. He started out shaky but seemed to calm down and turned in some really pretty throws. I'd still like to see him challenge the middle of the field more, though I'll have to watch the tape before I can comment on specific opportunities that he passed on; he may just not have had many today.

Credit also to the O-line for holding up as well as they did. J-Ville didn't blitz much but the O-line really performed big for us today.

10-22-2006, 06:07 PM
Im glad we threw deep REGARDLESS of the "Cover 2"

10-22-2006, 06:30 PM
A few things stuck out to me.

- Carr had another good game.
- Ephraim Salaam, who jags fans have been telling us is a revolving door, did a great job today. In fact our whole o-line performed very well in pass protection, and even managed to open up some big holes in the running game against an injured, but still good, jags DL.
- Andre Johnson is still our playmaker, but I'd like to see Carr go to Moulds more often. He hasn't gotten alot of looks very far downfield, and he's been taking some hard knocks for us.
- This was our D's best peformance of the year. They didn't have alot of sacks, but they consistently pressured Leftwich. Having Peek and Faggins back gave us a boost (they both caused fumbles....what a coincidence). Wong was basically a non-factor, but it's just nice to see him back on the field trying out that knee.
- Leftwich sucked today, pressure aside, something just looked wrong with him.
- Maurice Drew is going to be the Jags' own Domanick Davis, maybe even better. The kid runs with heart, can catch out of the backfield, and is very tough to bring down.
- Guss Scott's performance today made me forget we were missing Earl, I'd like him to get some more time.
- Dayne shouldn't get any more carries this year, unless Gado or Lundy gets injured, ok Thunderkyss?

Overall this is the most dominant performance I've ever seen from the Texans besides our 21-0 win against Jax in 2004. Woohoo!

10-22-2006, 07:11 PM
[QUOTE=jerek;476323]That game kicked ass.

I can't believe some of our fans ... who leaves early during a win? Sissies. I pay to see wins and I stayed until the very end to soak up the moment./QUOTE]

I know, right?! After only two wins from last year, I'm going to enjoy every one and I hope there are more coming!!!:fans:

10-22-2006, 07:55 PM
J-Ville didn't blitz much but the O-line really performed big for us today.

I think it was because of the short pass plays we were using all day on them.

El Amigo Invisible
10-22-2006, 08:00 PM
[QUOTE=jerek;476323]That game kicked ass.

I can't believe some of our fans ... who leaves early during a win? Sissies. I pay to see wins and I stayed until the very end to soak up the moment./QUOTE]

I know, right?! After only two wins from last year, I'm going to enjoy every one and I hope there are more coming!!!:fans:

I was watching the game at home and I noticed that the fans cleared out like half way through the fourth quarter.I thought people would be going crazy in the stands!! But then again, The NfL had to contemplate whether to give LA or Houston a football team. Come Early, Leave LATE!!!!!!!!!(especially when we win BIG!!!!!!):twocents:

10-22-2006, 08:06 PM
It's funny how a running game opens up so much more. Plays we executed today would not have worked without an effective running game. My hats off to Wali Lundy and Sam Gado. Also DC looked sharp, AJ was AJ, and our D kicked @zz. Itoo stayed about 20 minutes after the game with a big TEXAS SIZED smile on my face.:redtowel: :redtowel: :redtowel:

10-22-2006, 08:18 PM
DeMeco continues to kick @ss at linebacker, looks like we have a good one here.
ND Kalu and Peek are our two best pass-rushers right now, cant wait to get Babin back and Mario developed.
We do need to spread the ball out on offense to the wide receivers. AJ had 8, but Walter and Moulds only had about 5 or 6 combined and eveything else went to the running backs.
There were a lot of screens today (finally) and they worked really well i thought, good for 5-10 yards each time.
AJ is still a beast and our defense is showing the second half against Dallas was a fluke, not the first. If we get anything resembling that kind of performance consitantly, we are going to be in every game this season.

The Mighty Texan
10-22-2006, 08:28 PM
But we should still start Sage...and why didnt we draft Reggie? We're gonna suck forever

hahahahah Lol!! I love it!!! LMAO like crazy... Now thats what I'm talking about!! WOW!!! I'm just happy we won and your so on it its hilarious!!!! So whatever you say is nullified by the win today... Go Texans!!!

Cmon Dude... David's really an awesome QB... check his stats... he good... Wait until he has even more protection... They are doing better... Just not everyweek better sometimes better... He'll show ya!

Why didn't we draft Reggie?? I don't know I'm still confused... So is the rest of the NFL... This I will never understand... I can't wrap my brain around it...??????

We are NOT gonna Suck forever... We can't. We Won't. We shouldn't...

I am The Mighty Texan...and one day... I will stop laughing!!

10-22-2006, 08:42 PM
I believe that was all tongue in cheek

10-22-2006, 10:08 PM
I like how our defense started feeding on its good play. And, how the offense rewarded the defense for getting a turnover.

This is the kind of win that can change the moral of a team. And, lets face it, our moral could use a little changing.

10-22-2006, 10:18 PM
The best part is that when things got tough, the team fought back!!! The 3rd quarter started with a Jaguar TD and a Texan 3 & out. It was looking bleak, but the team didn't quit like we have seen so many time before. I'm tellin you, Kubiak is gonna right this ship.

10-23-2006, 12:44 AM
So gald we had a running game today! We still can't run it on 3rd and short, but it's a huge improvement over last week.

Very impressed with our defense today too. I don't know why Leftwich looked so bad, but hey, I think we can get some credit for that. We responded really well after that TD. I was praying for us not to collapse defensively after that TD, and we didn't. We were definitely pumped up for that game today.

Offensively, we got the job done. Honestly, the offense doesn't look like it's any different under Kubiak, but hey, I'm just a fan and we scored points. That's all that matters. The only real thing that looks different to me is that Carr looks like he has a shoulder to lean on. Kubiak is going to make sure he's ready when he steps out on the field.