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10-20-2006, 05:49 PM
Now I should have posted this last week in the big rivalry game against Houston, but this is entertaining enough... I included details in another thread, but thought that even though the Cowboys got over on us, they got their own image problem as "America's team"

There are a ton of Cowboy fans in this area. A lot more than you would think... I was a little kid in Thousand Oaks, CA when the Cowboys held camp at Cal Luthern University with Too Tall, Dorsett, Jones, and Danny White. All of my friends are Cowboy fans. Thousand Oaks is known for being the #2 safest city in the U.S. in terms of violent crimes.

Now, the Cowboys moved up the coast to the more tough and rough Oxnard, affectionately known in these parts as "The 'Nard". No doubt this was done to toughen the image of the Cowboys in the league, plus the larger number of strips clubs in the more diverse "'Nard" area.

Most importantly, "The 'Nard" is home to the "Colonia Chiques", a violent street gang in SoCal.

A little back story... an injunction was put in place by a judge in the area to attempt to decrease the Colonia Chique uprising in the area. The resolution is fantasticly entertaining... see below.

And I quote... "Under the injunction terms, alleged Colonia Chiques gang members who are served cannot associate with other members, wear Dallas Cowboys attire, stay out past 10 p.m. or engage in other gang-related activities in the safety zone. "

10-20-2006, 06:00 PM
More followup on the Dallas Cowboy ban in the area...

10-20-2006, 10:09 PM
This was like two years ago man.. a gang used the Cowboy star, okay.

Double Barrel
10-21-2006, 01:14 PM
I wish our team was good enough for street gangs to wear our gear. :( ;)