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10-20-2006, 10:43 AM
This game is not going to be an easy. Jacksonville has a Top 6 defense when it comes to scoring allowed, they also have a top 10 rushing offense. This is could not shake well for us, but we have a fighting chance if we focus and stick to a couple keys to victory..

- Producing On Offense
Jacksonville allows only 14.8 points per game and we are only producing 14.4 points per game. This will have to change in this game cause judging from the stats alone we already lost this game.

- Establish the Run
This has been a HUGE problem for us as of right now. Our most productive running back is only getting 2.9 yards a carry. It's very sad that it's that way and there is plenty of blame to spread around for this production but whoever is to blame this to improve.. if it does not then we will NOT win. There is nobody to actually fear in the front seven.. However they work so well as a unit that you have to respect what they do.

- Beware of Rashean Mathis
With 4 interceptions in 5 games Mathis is somebody that we have to be aware of at all time when he is in man coverage. He's got great size and great speed and can blanket the best of recievers. When the ball is in the air he gravitates to it but tends to get some PI calls sometimes so if you can work that to your advantage some how then do just that.

- Playing Smart Defense
Jacksonville is producing 23.6 points per Game, we have to limit this number cause of the fact that we're not scoring a lot of points. We have to make the proper reads cause there offense is not explosive and can be limited if everybody stays disclipined on the field.

- Stop The Run
118 yards a game is not mind blowing comparing to Atlanta's 232 but never the less the running game is heart of their offense.. With a great 2 headed monster of Taylor/Jones-Drew if we can limit them it will give us a better chance.. it won't guarantee a win but it will one of the keys to victory in this game.

- Watch Leftwhich
Leftwhich has a powerful arm but is VERY erractic. And with his throwing motion it's completely obvious when he is throwing the ball and it even takes more a second for him to actually release the ball. So our defense ha sto be aware of him if they are looking in the backfield.


10-20-2006, 11:29 AM
Byron eradic? Please explain.

You all must avoid turnovers. That is the biggest key for the Texans.

I think if you all can start a running game and stop our running game that would be the key. Clock control is essential key for the Texans. Best way to beat our offensive passing attack is to keep it off the field and the best way to do that is establishing a ball control offense and this means running the ball.

10-23-2006, 12:26 PM
Looks like I was right~!! You all ran the ball well, had the ball 7 minutes longer and won the turn over battle. Congratulations on an awesome win.:redtowel: