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10-07-2006, 01:36 PM
Great to get a win, head back to Bama

It felt great to finally get a win last Sunday against the Dolphins. Going in to the game it was one, we felt as a defensive unit, we could really have a good showing. I thought we matched up well with the Dolphins offense and I think that proved itself during the last moments of the game. For the most part, this Texans team is very young. I think weíve showed our inexperience in the first few games but finally got the jolt that often helps young teams excel for the remainder of the season. That jolt we got was a win. I canít begin to explain the confidence that can be obtained from a win. Even more so was the confidence that can be obtained from holding off Duante Culpepper and the Dolphins offense.

Mario Williams got the monkey off his back and got the momentum rolling on his side early in the game and logged the first sack of his career. Iím still receiving some pretty harsh barbs from folks who keep seeing Marioís first sack on the highlight reels. As Iíve been reminded numerous times this week, I did play a considerable role in Marioís first sack by slowing Duante enough for Mario to make the sack. For those of you who havenít noticed, Culpepper is a big guy and takes some different maneuvers to get him on the ground.

DeMeco Autograph Signing
Saturday, Oct. 7, 2-4 p.m.
Bryant Museum
Pictures will be available for purchase